More riotous visuals from PAV4N, as he continues to make waves as his latest musical incarnation. On DOOM, the former Foreign Beggars frontman has teamed up with Sukh Knight to create this grimy behemoth of a track, which looms out of the shadows with a grin that sits somewhere between killer and comrade. The track is out now on 4NCĀ„. Stay tuned for more madness from PAV4N coming soon.

PAV4N: Wackenroe

Another visual riot from PAV4N, as he continues to spread the word of his latest solo incarnation. The man with many names enlisted the help of Bombay Art House to make the video, which features PAV4N in his full blue and gold regalia, peppered with strange cutaways and melded with old film footage. The production is a joy too (courtesy of the Beat Kondukta in India LP) as heavy head-nod inducing drums give way to soaring strings, giving the whole thing an urgent but uplifting vibe. If you’re feeling the music, then please subscribe to PAV4N’s YouTube channel as I know he is really trying to make a go of this and due to recent events, he needs our support now more than ever. Also check out his site too, where you can find exclusives:


A visually stunning start to PAV4N’s solo career, as he releases his debut video, KARMA. The ex-Foreign Beggar is already making waves in other areas with his Vulgatron incarnation, but with PAV4N we find him circling back to his rap roots, which makes me all the more intrigued to find out what we can expect to hear next. KARMA is produced by 2NV and is available to stream now on all the usual platforms.