Pan Amsterdam & Damu the Fudgemunk: EAT (Pre-Order + Tasters)

Food and hip hop have been bedfellows throughout the ages and now the rap / cuisine collaboration is getting a fresh boost, thanks to the latest opus from Pan Amsterdam. His forthcoming album, EAT, will see the rapping horns player uniting with fellow Def Pressé representative, Damu the Fudgemunk, for a 14 course audible banquet. The full album is due for release on 24 June, but in the meantime you can tuck into a couple of early amuse-bouches in the form of Rigatoni and Duck Wok, which are both available to stream below. Pre-orders for physical and digital formats are also available now via Bandcamp.

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Pan Amsterdam ft. Jason Williamson: Hannibal Lecture

Pleased to see the arrival of the latest from Pan Amsterdam, as he continues to pave the way for his forthcoming album. This new single is another notable collaboration, as Pan Am unites with Sleaford Mods’ own Jason Williamson for the excellently titled, Hannibal Lecture. The track also features production from Jimi Goodwin of Doves fame, under his new alias, Coup Diablo. You can listen for yourself below and then pre-orders for the album are available at the usual spots. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam ft. Jason Williamson: Hannibal Lecture”

Pan Amsterdam: Debtors Skyline + LP News

Debtors Skyline is the latest single from the forthcoming Pan Amsterdam album, which is due for release in October. The album is the creative culmination of Leron Thomas’s touring as Iggy Pop’s bandleader, and features some of the artists and musicians he met along the way. There will be contributions from Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods fame, as well as Jimi Goodwin from Doves. The album is due out on 2 October via Def Pressé, with pre-orders available now over on Bandcamp. You can also hear Debtors Skyline below. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam: Debtors Skyline + LP News”

Pan Amsterdam ft. GUTS: Carrot Cake

The funk flows free in the latest release from Pan Amsterdam, as he teams up with producer, GUTS, for Carrot Cake. For those unfamiliar, Pan Amsterdam is the alias of Leron Thomas, who blends his acclaimed horn playing with often left-field lyrics, to form songs which I always find strangely alluring; Carrot Cake being no exception. The track is also available to stream now and stay tuned for a new Pan Am album landing in October.

Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop: Mobile

Okay so Pan Amsterdam and Iggy Pop may not be the first collaboration that you would expect to hear, but neither of them have ever been one for following the status quo. Plus if it works, go for it. The recording for Mobile took place while Pan Am was travelling through Texas and is an allusion to that most notable of Texas assets – oil. It’s also part of the forthcoming Pan Amsterdam EP series, Elevator Music, which will feature a bunch of other talented special guests. You can stream the track below, as well as the B-side, 15 Seconds, which features production from Malik Ameer of Madison Washington fame. There is also limited 7″ vinyl edition available via Bandcamp. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop: Mobile”

Pan Amsterdam x Open Mike Eagle: No Snare

Ever since Pan Amsterdam came to the fore earlier this year, they have been garnering attention from a wide range of notable entities, including art rap avocate, Open Mike Eagle. In fact the MC was so impressed with Pan Amsterdam’s whole vibe, that he invited them to accompany him on his North American tour.
They have also recently collaborated together on the brilliant No Snare, where they exchange 16s over a glitchy beat from Mr.Shn and Pajama Sam, accompanied by Leron Thomas on trumpet. You can stream the track below and downloads are available via Def Presse. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam x Open Mike Eagle: No Snare”

Pan Amsterdam: Landlord Elijah

More great sounds from Pan Amsterdam, in the form of Landlord Elijah. Its lifted from the recent album, The Pocket Watch, which has deservedly been getting attention from the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Iggy Pop and other like-minded fans & critics who have tapped into the unique brilliance of PA’s overall vibe. You can stream Landlord Elijah below and the album is out now via Def Presse. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam: Landlord Elijah”

Pan Amsterdam: The Lotion Song

Another day, another strangely brilliant track from Pan Amsterdam as he gears up to unleash his debut album, The Pocket Watch. The Lotion Song is packed full of the same lyrical oddities that are going to fast become the MO for the NY artist, as well as the cause of much of his appeal. Once again its thatmanmonkz on the beat and once again the pairing is perfect, making it very hard for anyone who has been a fan of both songs not to be fascinated by what the full project will have to offer. You can stream The Lotion Song below and keep an eye out for the LP coming soon. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam: The Lotion Song”

Pan Amsterdam: Plus One

Pan Amsterdam might not be a familiar name, but if you are a fan of jazz then you might well be aware of the man behind the moniker. Leron Thomas has been an active musician since 2000 and has played horns with the likes of Bilal, Erykah Badu and Roy Hargrove. Taking on the guise of Pan Amsterdam, his music takes a shift in direction, primarily with the addition of his own vocal work.
It’s still very much jazz focused and his trumpet is still a main player, but the lyrics take on a spoken word style of delivery, creating a mellow and meandering little number. Plus One is taken from the forthcoming project, The Pocket Watch and I am keen to see what else that will have to offer. Plus One is produced by thatmanmonkz.