Onoe Caponoe: Valentines Massacre

Another audio visual treat from the upcoming Onoe Caponoe album, as the intergalactic cat lord returns with his latest single, Valentines Massacre. Once again it’s Jae Genius on the beat, with the ever capable This & That Media on video duties. Surf or Die is set for release on 29 March on High Focus.

High Focus 8th Birthday Party: Competition Time

Next month Bristol once again plays host to one of High Focus Record’s legendary parties. In the past the city has given a stage to their summer roadblocks and winter parties, but this time they will be one of two cities taking part in the label’s 8th birthday celebrations. Stepping away from their usual haunt of Lakota for this one, HF are headed to SWX in the centre of town. This means more room, better acoustics and a better sound system, which equals a better night for all involved. Continue reading “High Focus 8th Birthday Party: Competition Time”

High Focus Summer Block Party: Review

It was already in the mid-20’s when I rolled down to this year’s High Focus Block Party in Bristol and it was only going to get hotter, given the days running up to the event. Last year’s party had been a smash and this year looked set to at least rival it, if not surpass it. Doors opened at 2pm so I got down there at about 3pm and already had to deal with the huge queue that had formed; a teeming mass of the new generation of UK hip hop fans all fully loyal to the HF brand (and all of whom I’m pretty sure I was old enough to be their dad). Continue reading “High Focus Summer Block Party: Review”

Onoe Caponoe: Side Effects Of Star Controlling

Onoe Caponoe has to be one of the most original artists doing their thing on the UK scene right now. He’s about to drop his latest album, Spells From The Cyclops, following on from the success of last year’s Voices From Planet Cattele LP. Check out the latest video from the project, Side Effects Of Star Controlling, which is produced by that most prolific of producers, Sumgii and stay tuned for my album review coming very soon.