Juga-Naut ft. Scorzayzee & Vandal Savage: Silk Portraits

We’re only two days away from the release of Juga-Naut’s latest album and to get us in the mood, he has blessed us with a single serving of dope from the project. Silk Portraits is a self-produced affair, with features from two fellow Nottingham mic killers, Vandal Savage and Scorzayzee. The full album, Bon Vivant, is up for pre-order now over on Bandcamp, with the release set for Friday. Continue reading “Juga-Naut ft. Scorzayzee & Vandal Savage: Silk Portraits”

Juga-Naut x SonnyJim: The Purple Door (Stream)

Pleased to see the arrival of the new album from Nottingham favourite, Juga-Naut. The Purple Door is produced in its entirety by SonnyJim, which in itself is a testament to Jugz’s popularity amongst fans and peers alike, as Sonny has been pretty vocal in the past about how few UK Mcs he holds in high regard. The album weighs in at 12 tracks and there are features from fellow VVV members, Vandal Savage and Cappo. You can stream the album below and physicals are available via EatGood Records. Continue reading “Juga-Naut x SonnyJim: The Purple Door (Stream)”

Juga-Naut: Acrylic & Oil

Bar for bar there aren’t too many MCs in the UK on the same level as Juga-Naut right now. The Notts rapper recently continued his run of dope releases with a new project, Found Objects: Stolen Art EP PT.II. Acrylic & Oil is the latest track from the project to be given the video treatment and is produced by Juga-Naut. The EP is available to buy now over on Bandcamp.

Juga-Naut: Found Objects – Stolen Art EP PT​.​ II EP Stream

Fresh music from the Nottingham rap talent, in the form of his latest EP. Found Objects: Stolen Art EP PT​.​II is a collection of nine tracks which serve as a good insight into Juga-Naut and the music that helped him grow. Three tracks are produced by the man himself, with the remainder coming from various musical gods along the way. You can stream the full EP below, with downloads & physicals available here. Continue reading “Juga-Naut: Found Objects – Stolen Art EP PT​.​ II EP Stream”

VVV: Bozo Boyz

VVV – Cappo, Juga-Naut, Vandal Savage – released their Bozo Boyz album a few weeks ago and it’s as accomplished and enjoyable as you would expect. A solid 17 tracks from the Nottingham trio, with enough quality drums, synths and effortless gold standard lyricism to warrant this ending up on some Best of 2017 lists. You can stream the album below and you can purchase it over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “VVV: Bozo Boyz”

VVV: Golden Axe

They say good crews come in threes. To be honest, I don’t think anyone says that, but they should do based solely on the fact that VVV exist.
The Nottingham trio, comprised of Cappo, Vandal Savage and Juga-Naut recently released an unsurprisingly strong mixtape, full of flaming nuggets of dope, including this beast, Golden Axe. Great concept for the video too. Continue reading “VVV: Golden Axe”