nOstrum grOcers: Daisy Neohoodoo Anthemic No. 99

More beautiful, abstract raps from nOstrum grOcers – aka Milo (aka r.a.p.ferreira) and ELUCID – as they reunite for Daisy Neohoodoo Anthemic No. 99. Watch out for their tour of the UK and Ireland next month, which you can find more information about here.

Nostrum Grocers: Nostrum Grocers (Stream)

Excellent new project here from two of rap’s more unique voices, as Milo and ELUCID unite on Nostrum Grocers. Borne from a concept that first came to light back in 2015, before gaining more ground last year and finally being given life last week. The album boasts 10 tracks of sublime, think-twice lyricism, which you can hear in all its glory below. Downloads are available via Bandcamp. Continue reading “Nostrum Grocers: Nostrum Grocers (Stream)”