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Pleased to see more music coming from one of my favourite UK producers. Morriarchi has been behind some great beats over the years, including his recent LP with Stinkin Slumrok and Brainwave Canvas with Sniff from 2013, as well as Buggzville Sessions from last year. But he has also put out a steady stream of solo instrumental projects, which should not be ignored. These include Restbyte, Weight and now F.O.T.U.
F.O.T.U (Flashdance On The Universe) features more of that classic Morri sound with a few of the beats expanding into some wavier sonic territories. There is also a nice little visual aid for each of the beats, using old video footage to maintain the tape’s aesthetic. F.O.T.U is available to stream below and downloads are available here.


Just this week I was reminiscing over how fucking good Brainwave Canvas was, which prompted Morriarchi to tell me that him and Sniff had new music coming. Didn’t realise they meant two days later. Broke Zipper was released today on Blah Records and while the sound has evolved from their old unions, the levels are just as high. I’m guessing this is going to be the start of a stream of new shit from Sniff and Morri, maybe even a full project if we’re lucky. Broke Zipper is available to stream now on all the usual digital platforms.

Bisk is back with a bang as he prepares to take us all on a trip to Gutter City. The Swamp Harbour general has been steadily releasing solid project after solid project, laying waste to the idea that quality and quantity are mutually exclusive. Read the rest of this entry »

Check the latest video from the Morrstinkin album, which Stinkin Slumrok and Morriarchi released earlier in the year. Duh Duh sees the duo on typically fine form, with a nice little visual accompaniment from ApeNinja. The album is still available to buy from all the usual spots, including the Blah store.

Last year’s Attack the Monolith album from Mongrels was a highlight among listeners and critics alike. Kid Acne and Benjamin brought their unique styles together to form an album that harked back to years gone by, while looking directly towards the future. Now we have Attack the Megalith, which is a remix project featuring some of the most exciting producers from UK hip hop and beyond. Hashfinger, Morriarchi, Third Person Lurkin, Sam Zircon, Charlie Dark, Midfield General, Juga-Naut and King Kashmere, all step up to the plate, with a fresh polish for eight of the album’s original gems. The EP is out today and you can buy your copy here.

The start of April saw the release of one of the more intriguing projects of recent times. Curious Alice is an interpretation of the Lewis Carroll classic, told through the beats of some of the UK’s most innovative independent producers.

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Another week, another new video from the Morrstinkin album. This one was shot by Mark Worst & HUW. You can buy the album, in all its glory, over at the Blah store.

The long-awaited Morrstinkin album is finally out on all formats and to celebrate there is another new video from the project. Swamp Harbour resident Bisk is on hand for this one, as him and Slumrok slay another beast of a beat from Morriarchi. Morrstinkin is available to buy now from the Blah store, among other places.

New video from the excellent Morrstinkin project. Pipedreems was filmed by Vikki Digby-Johns & Lee Scott. The album will be available in full from 17 February.

Check the first visual taste of the new album from Stinkin Slumrok and Morriarchi. Morrstinkin is the first LP we’ve had from Slumrok since his Blah debut Don Pong, but trust me it was worth the wait. The full LP is out soon, head over to the Blah store for more details.