MAIDM: Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger)

I criminally slept on this absolute belter from AIM and UK hip hop veteran, Mikey Don, who have united to form MAIDM. The Krispy 3 MC and the ATIC Records head have cooked up a proper party track, in the form of Tun Up Di Heat. It’s been getting praise across the scene since its release a couple of months ago and so it should be. You can stream the track below and you can buy the vinyl over on the ATIC store, which also features their other track, B-Boy Shit. Continue reading “MAIDM: Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger)”

Aim: Interview


I first heard Aim – aka Andy Turner – on an Ibiza chill out compilation back in 1999, thanks to the crossover appeal of his track, Cold Water Music. That whole album was a big success and since then he has gone onto release some equally strong projects, as well as set up his own label, Atic Records. I recently spoke with him about a few things, including his early days, his plans for the label and his father’s influence on his career. Continue reading “Aim: Interview”