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Another super slick video from the most recent Meyhem Lauren x DJ Muggs release, as they bring out the supercars once again for the looming, piano-laced Blue Chinese. Nice cameo from Action Bronson too. Members Only is out now on Soul Assassins.

Fast cars and heavy drums are the main themes in the new video from Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs. Aztec Snowflakes is the latest track to be taken from their recent Members Only project, which is out now on Soul Assassins.

Yet more new heat from DJ Muggs as he hooks up with Meyhem Lauren once again, following the success of their earlier projects. Wavy is the first sample from the upcoming album, Members Only, which is due for release on Soul Assassins on 6 September.

Another video from the sophomore release from Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs, Frozen Angels. The EP is out now on Soul Assassins.

New joint from the latest collaboration between Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs, following on from last year’s Gems from the Equinox. Frozen Angels is the title track from the new EP, which is out now on Soul Assassins and features some new tracks, plus some of their previously released bonus tracks. The video was made by The Infamous Oz.

More luxury rap from Meyhem Lauren, as he drops a little taster from his new EP with Harry Fraud. Venetian Loafers also features a guest spot from Conway. The Glass EP is out now on iTunes and most streaming sites.

More rough, rugged and raw raps from the Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs collaborative album, as they release a new video for Camel Crush. Gems From The Equinox is out now on Soul Assassins.

Great video from the equally great new Brainiac EP from Mr Muthafuckin’ eXquire. Bebop & Rocksteady – a nod back to the old TMNT days – features fellow NY MC, Meyhem Lauren.

The new EP from Brooklyn’s finest, Mr MFN eXquire is out now and I’ve gotta say, it’s one of my favourite releases from him in a while. Brainiac features production from Tame One favourite, Parallel Thought, as well as The Alchemist, Canya Reial, CONSTROBUZ and Bowery Beats. There is also a guest spot from Meyhem Lauren, but it’s eXquire who makes the EP such a success. Hear it for yourself below, or alternatively it’s available to buy over on iTunes. Read the rest of this entry »


Fresh rap from Canada, as Bozack Morris continues his limited edition vinyl run with Loose Cannons 002. This time it features Meyhem Lauren on Reality Rap, with Tennessee rapper Tut dropping some verses on the B-side, ’02 Infiniti. You can stream the tracks below and you can head over to Bandcamp to check out the vinyl selection. Read the rest of this entry »