Rome Streetz x Farma Beats ft. Daniel Son: Wickedest Ting

Rome Streetz and Farma Beats recently released a stunning new project together, featuring a wealth of solid jams, including this one alongside Daniel Son. The video was made by Mercenary Productions. Street Farmacy is available now via Bandcamp.

J Scienide & Bozack Morris: Capeesh

J Scienide first properly came onto my radar when he released The Actual Heat LP in April last year. The album received a lot of acclaim in various end of year round-ups and rightly so, with Scienide being joined by the likes of Kev Brown and Gensu Dean, to help create a solid project that I’ve been revisiting ever since. Now the Washington-based MC is back with a new release, this time alongside Bozack Morris – the producer and Griselda affiliate – and the pair have cooked up the Popular Mechanics EP. Capeesh is the first track to be taken from the EP and sets the bar high for what’s to follow. The video was made by Mercenary Productions.