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Paten Locke was recently asked to remix last year’s Resolution album from The Perceptionists. Having produced two tracks on the original album, Locke obviously understands the duo’s sound and so it was a fitting choice for Mello Music Group to bring him on board. The project will feature seven remixes from the album, alongside a brand new Locke produced track, Bait. You can stream it below and pre-orders for Low Resolution are available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »


Another album released today that is worthy of your attention is the latest offering from L’Orange, as he teams up with Solemn Brigham to form Marlowe. Their self-titled debut has already given us a couple of gems, but now we get treated to the whole album, which lives up to the high standards L’Orange has been setting over the years with his previous projects. No features, but Brigham is more than capable of keeping the momentum going on his own. You can stream the album below and Bandcamp has downloads available. Read the rest of this entry »

Another cut from the forthcoming Marlowe album, courtesy of L’Orange and Solemn Brigham. The North Carolina MC gets into taxi driver mode for the video and brings a more melodic cadence to the track, while L’Orange whips up a typically jazzy beat on the production. The self-titled Marlowe album is due for release on Mello Music Group on 13 July.

The coming of a new L’Orange project is always a cause for celebration in my eyes and the latest one looks set to prove me right once again. Mello Music Group recently announced the producer’s latest venture, alongside North Carolina MC, Solemn Brigham.
Apparently the pair – who together are called Marlowe – started working together 10 years ago and have now decided to release a full-length project. Lost Arts is the lead single and features some pretty rapid fire flows from Brigham. Interesting to see how the rest of the album manifests itself. The album is due out on 13 July.

Another gem from the unique mind of MC Paul Barman, as he unites with Juice Crew veteran, Masta Ace, for (​(​(​Antennas​)​)​)​. Both MCs weave some deft and abstract lyrics over another successful Memory Man beat. Once again the track is lifted from the upcoming (​(​(​echo chamber​)​)​) LP, which is out on 18 May on Mello Music Group. You can stream the track below and there is a free download available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

We are approaching the release of MC Paul Barman’s new album and this weekend saw the next single given life. We had already been treated to the title track, which featured Open Mike Eagle and now we have him on a solo effort, with (((commandments))). The track is produced by Memory Man and has the inimitable Questlove on drums.
MCPB had planned to make a 10 Commandments song for years, but had never found the right beat, until Questo came through with some perfect drums and then as the man himself says, “the song was delivered from the land of abstraction”. You can stream it below and you can pre-order (((echo chamber))) via Mello Music Group. Read the rest of this entry »

One of my favourite Detroit MCs is coming back with an interesting new project.
Denmark Vessey’s, Sun Go Nova, will be split into two volumes – the first being five tracks produced by KNXWLEDGE and Earl Sweatshirt and the second being a beat tape from Vessey himself. The Crown Nation MC hooked up with the two producers when he was in LA, after Earl had earlier sang the praises of Martin Lucid Dream.
Sun Go Nova is due out on Mello Music Group on 20 April and you can get a taster with the new video for Trustfall above. Pre-orders for the project are available on all the usual platforms.

Second trip of the day to Mello Music Group, this time for the next excerpt from the upcoming Jean Grae & Quelle Chris album. Zero is an 8-bit extravaganza, complete with an animated video which Quelle also made. It clocks in at over 7 minutes long, which in itself is quite an audacious move in a world where a lot of art is consumed and spat out at an alarming rate, but then again neither of these two have ever really been artists who follow suit. And what’s more, it works. Everything’s Fine is due for release on 30 March.

An album that I am very much looking forward to is the latest from Chris Orrick, an MC who routinely writes songs that resonate with me on a deeply personal level – Instinctive Drowning being a prime example. Yesterday Wax Poetics premiered the latest video for the project, Design Flaw.
The L’Orange produced track, features a puppet dealing with his own downward spiral and as director Malcolm Critcher said, the fact that he is in “denial of the fact that he is an inanimate object”. Portraits is due out on Mello Music Group on 4 May.

One of the more unique voices in rap, MC Paul Barman, has a new album en route. Mello Music Group are due to release (((echo chamber))) in May and we had already one sample of his new wares, in the form of (((leapfrog))). Now we have the next piece in the puzzle, as this weekend saw the release of the title track, which features friend and collaborator, Open Mike Eagle. Not only that, it’s also produced by none other than Roots favourite, Questlove. You can stream it below and you can get your pre-orders in for the album over on Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »