Mr Key: Kids Story 2 (Live Session)

I forgot to post this when it dropped a couple of weeks ago, but always better late than never. You might remember that Mr Key released a follow-up to Kids Story not long ago, featuring joint production from Dike and Chemo. Well now the Contact Play MC has returned with a live version, performed from his base camp in Granada, Spain. As you will see in the footage, Key is ably assisted by Katryna Abel on keys and backing vocals, and Eliot Rivv on guitar. Mr Key and Greenwood Sharps’ latest project is out now on High Focus.

The Du-Rites: Soundcheck at 6 (Stream)

I somehow missed this release from The Du-Rites last month, but happily catching up with it now. For Soundcheck at 6, the two main players – J-Zone and Pablo Martin – are joined by another talented duo for a number of live renditions of the funk outfit’s previous jams, with Bruce Martin and Bill Harvey flexing their instrumentation muscle, on keyboards and bass respectively. Some of my favourite Du-Rites joints get the live treatment, including The Man With The Golden Tooth, Bug Juice and Gamma Ray Funk, all of which were recorded at a NY gig last month. If you’re a fan of their earlier releases, or of funk in general, or just a fan of tight live performances, then this is a must cop. You can find digital downloads of all their releases over on Bandcamp and the current album can be heard below.

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