Sparkz: Stay Awake

Sparkz is back with a new video for his standalone track, Stay Awake. The Manchester MC shines a light on the murkiness of government injustice, while taking shots at the mainstream media who perpetuate their rhetoric of demonising the working classes. Stay Awake is produced by Sparkz and the video was shot by Jay Bannister. You can download it here.

Konny Kon: Interview


I first heard Konny Kon on the Microdisiacs track Time You Knew, back in 2001. In fact him and Cappo were two of the first MCs I heard rapping with regional accents, which changed a lot for me. Since then I’ve seen him survive in a scene saturated with MCs, until he found a new direction a few years ago with Children of Zeus. I spoke with him about a few things, including the early days, how Children of Zeus came to be and why the Manchester scene is so strong. Continue reading “Konny Kon: Interview”