Ozomatli ft. Chali 2Na & Cut Chemist: Libertad

A happy reunion now, as Ozomatli return with a brand new single, along with two of their much-loved original members. When their eponymous debut LP was released back in 1998, Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na and Cut Chemist, both played a big part in both the project’s music and its cross genre appeal.
They were absent from subsequent releases and I think from my point of view, none of the other albums ever really reached the levels of that debut. But now the Latin sextet are back with Libertad, featuring the two J5 favourites, as well as a band that sounds tighter than ever – shouts to the bass player in particular. No word on a new album as yet, but hopefully this is a sign that more new music is on the horizon.

Little Shalimar ft. Roxiny & Tunde Adebimpe: Phoenix

For some reason this had passed me by when it was released a few weeks ago, despite it being one of my favourite songs on the excellent Rubble Kings soundtrack. Released on Mass Appeal and featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Ka, Run the Jewels and Mr MFN eXquire, as well as a whole heap of flawless original scoring from Little Shalimar, you really have no excuses not to add the album to your collection. This particular gem, Phoenix, comes courtesy of Little Shalimar and vocalists Roxiny and Tunde Adebimpe.