Solemn Brigham: South Sinner Street (Stream)

Fans of Marlowe take note, as I bring you the new solo album from Solemn Brigham. Having deservedly earned himself plenty of props from across the board for his work alongside L’Orange, the North Carolina rapper is now treating us to an album that further highlights his mastery, while also providing some insight into the decay of his hometown, Albemarle. Some fantastic production picks along the way, thanks to contributions from The Lasso, Kuartz, Supa K and L’Orange, among others. You can explore the album below, then head to Bandcamp to grab a download.

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Kuartz: Smile

The latest release from Village Live went on sale last night and to coincide with the drop, they put out a new video too. Kuartz was responsible for one of 2017’s instrumental gems in the form of Shurikens and now he looks set to continue the brilliance with Kuartz FM. The album is peppered with call ins and jingles, but the foundation is soul-tinged hip hop beats, as you will hear in Smile, and something the Village Live boys continue to do very well with their various releases. Kuartz FM is available to buy now.