Two Orange Tecs, A White Camouflage Suit & Some Silver Boots

If you follow Lee Scott on Facebook, you might have noticed he’s recently started posting up some of his favourite classic rap albums and urging his younger fans to go and explore them if they’re not already familiar. Me and Lee have had a few little rap related chats of our own in the past and so I thought I’d use the current situation as an opportunity to pick his brains about his favourite rappers from back in the day, plus a few other little questions here and there. So via Twitter DMs, we delved into a whole bunch of original talent, including Redman, Likwit Crew, Company Flow and The Cenobites (the title of this piece is a reference to their track, How The Fuck You Get A Deal). To be honest we could have gone on a lot longer, so maybe we’ll try and squeeze another one out before normality returns. For now though, get stuck into this geek sesh.

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Kool Keith ft. B.a.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty: World Wide Lamper

Kool Keith – the ever prolific oddball of rap – just released another new album, as well as this new video. The audio for World Wide Lamper emerged back in July, as the first single from the Feature Magnetic LP. Continue reading “Kool Keith ft. B.a.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty: World Wide Lamper”

Kool Keith ft. B.a.R.S Murre & Dirt Nasty: World Wide Lamper

It was only the other day that I told you that Kool Keith was due to release another Tashan Dorsett album, well now he has announced the release of a full Kool Keith album. Due out in September on the increasingly strong Mello Music Group label, Feature Magnetic boasts a strong list of guests, including MF DOOM, Craig G, Necro and his old partner in crime, Godfather Don. This is the first leak from the album and features B.a.R.S Murre and Dirt Nasty. The track was produced by Number One Producer. More news on the album soon.

Kool Keith ft. Big Sche, Mic Handz & Dane Uno: Basquiat

One of Kool Keith’s many alter egos, Tashan Dorrsett, has a new album dropping at the end of this month and to get us in the mood he has released this amuse-bouche. Featuring Big Sche, Mic Handz and Dane Uno, over Junkaz Lou production, Basquiat is typical left field Kool Keith material. And long may it continue. The Preacher LP is out on 29 July on Junkadelic Music.