Spectacular Diagnostics: Raw Unknown (Stream)

A big release here from the prolific Chicago producer with the excellent name, Spectacular Diagnostics, as he unveils his Raw Unknown album. SD has managed to amass a hefty list of features for the album, including guest spots from Quelle Chris, billy woods, Vic Spencer, Koncept Jack$on, Rome Streetz and Sadhu Gold, plus a nice little handstyle from Kid Acne on the artwork. You can stream Raw Unknown for yourself in full below. Continue reading “Spectacular Diagnostics: Raw Unknown (Stream)”

Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG: Holly Water (Stream)

Yet more new material from the Mutant Academy, as Fly Anakin and Big Kahuna OG bring their latest collaboration to the masses. Holly Water saw its release yesterday and notches up another win for the Richmond collective, who have had a hell of a run this year. There are guest spots from the usual suspects, including the Boss Hostage posse cut, featuring Mirtaw, Koncept Jack$on, Nickelus F, Henny L.O. and Monday Night. The album is available to stream in full below and you can find downloads over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG: Holly Water (Stream)”

KONCEPT JACK$ON ft. Monday Night: NeedSumTime

Koncept Jack$son is hitting us with another new project next month, following on from last year’s excellent Mutant Root release. NeedSumTime is the first leak from the album and sees the Richmond MC team up with Mutant Academy favourite, Ohbliv, as well as another MC called Monday Night. The beat is a real throwback special and definitely piques my interest for how the rest of the album is going to sound. Thot Rap: Chapter 1 will also feature Mach-Hommy and Quadry, plus production credits from August Fanon, Dibia$e and Koncept himself. You can stream the track below and pre-orders for the album are available over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “KONCEPT JACK$ON ft. Monday Night: NeedSumTime”

Koncept Jack$on: The Tale of the Mutant Root

Another day, another batch of dope from the Mutant Academy. Koncept Jack$on serves up his latest solo project, with eight tracks of the raw rap that has been grabbing the attention of fans and critics alike. There are a couple of features from fellow Mutants, Big Kahuna OG and Fly Anakin, as well as some great production from TUAMIE, Graymatter and Ohbliv. You can stream The Tale of the Mutant Root below and downloads are available here. Continue reading “Koncept Jack$on: The Tale of the Mutant Root”