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Farma Beats – aka Farma G – has an album dropping at the end of the month. It features a great list of guest spots from MCs on both sides of the Atlantic, including Jalal Salaam, Flashius Clayton, Dirty Dike, Skuff and Lee Scott. This week Farma gave us a little sample of what to expect from the project, as he released the excellently titled, Farage Is A Loser, featuring Kashmere. The Iguana Man is one of the best MCs for taking amusing shots at shitty politicians and fascists, as he demonstrates in this little joint. You can stream the track below and you can cop a download over on Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »


That Sound is the latest track to be lifted from the recent Verb T & Pitch 92 album, Good Evening. When it was announced that the two of them were making an album together, I thought back to their collaborations on the last Mouse Outfit album and knew that the likelihood was that they were going to create something brilliant. Good Evening is just that.
The Man With the Foggy Eyes is one of Verb T’s strongest releases and that was the result of him working with just one producer, so I had high hopes for his collaboration with Pitch and even they were surpassed. Read the rest of this entry »

It was already in the mid-20’s when I rolled down to this year’s High Focus Block Party in Bristol and it was only going to get hotter, given the days running up to the event. Last year’s party had been a smash and this year looked set to at least rival it, if not surpass it. Doors opened at 2pm so I got down there at about 3pm and already had to deal with the huge queue that had formed; a teeming mass of the new generation of UK hip hop fans all fully loyal to the HF brand (and all of whom I’m pretty sure I was old enough to be their dad). Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh off the reels comes the latest video from the excellent Strange U album. Terminator Funk is the opening track from #LP4080 and sets the tone for the rest of the audible dope that follows. The video was shot by Huw Caddy. You can buy the album over at the HF store.


Bonafide Magazine premiered the new single from Kashmere and Bambooman yesterday and it is dope. Kashmere’s style has always worked well with more experimental beats (see also: Strange U) and this new SUPERGOD project carries on that tradition. Looking forward to hearing the complete package. Read the rest of this entry »

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, Strange U dropped their new project #LP4080 and it is already a contender for album of the year. This is the latest video from the project and was filmed by AboveGround. #LP4080 is available to buy here.


Tomorrow sees the arrival of arguably one of the most anticipated albums of recent times, as Strange U release their debut LP on High Focus. For the past few years Kashmere & Dr Zygote have been making brilliantly weird and unique rap, building up something of a cult following in the process. The two are no strangers to the scene, thanks to years of solo work behind the mic for Kashmere and behind the boards for Zygote, but Strange U seems to have given the pair a new lease of energy, resulting in some of the best music they have ever made. Read the rest of this entry »

This is the latest video from the forthcoming Strange U album, which is released on High Focus next month. This particular joint features fellow UK vet, Cappo, who provides some suitably spaced out bars to accompany the left field vibes from Kashmere & Zygote. Pre-orders for #LP4080 are available here.

A brand new Strange U video just came into my line of sight, as they get ready to drop their album on High Focus next month. I’ve heard a few of the new tracks and it sounds like it’s going to be another left field hit for the duo. You can pre-order the LP here.

Following on from their party political broadcast last week, Strange U are back with a full campaign video for their political ally Mr Kill. This is the second single to be lifted from their upcoming debut High Focus release, LP4080. No pre-orders on the album yet, but you can cop the single here.