They Hate Change: 666 Central Ave. (Stream)

New raps from L.A. duo, They Hate Change, continuing their run of solid releases. 666 Central Ave. is a perfect blend of on-point flows, engaging lyricism and bursts of hardcore/jungle/DnB, which cry out to be blasted loud. I find it impossible not to enjoy They Hate Change projects and this latest is a prime demonstration of why. You can hear it for yourself below, with downloads available via Godmode. Continue reading “They Hate Change: 666 Central Ave. (Stream)”

Pete Cannon: 8-bit Only E​P

It’s quite common to see producers online asserting the fact that you do not need fancy equipment in order to make good music. The strength of the results lies within the talent and skills you possess, not the amount you’ve spent on your gear. If anyone needed proof of this, they need look no further than Pete Cannon, a producer who not only gets the most banging results from working with this older equipment, he actually prefers them over their more modern successors. This has never been demonstrated better than on his latest release, the 8-bit Only EP, which includes four new tracks that were all created using classic Amiga and Octamed equipment. The tracks all seize on that 90’s hardcore-jungle-DnB sound that Pete has been perfecting over the last few years, which anyone who follows him on social media will no doubt be familiar with. You can hear the EP for yourself below and there are also vinyl options available, including a limited edition bundle that comes with a sample pack on floppy disc. All of which can be found via the N4 Records Bandcamp. Continue reading “Pete Cannon: 8-bit Only E​P”

DRS x Slay x Chimpo: Hurt Someone

Manchester favourite, Chimpo, recently started his own label, which aims to free itself from the restrictions of genres, by simply releasing the music he loves. The label’s first release is a perfect example of this, as he teams up with fellow Manchester sons, DRS and Slay, for Hurt Someone. The horns-laced jungle track is the perfect antidote to this cold, grey post-Brexit misery, as you can hear for yourself below. Downloads are available via the label, Box N Lock. Continue reading “DRS x Slay x Chimpo: Hurt Someone”

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: Wallop (Stream)

Today we welcome the latest album from Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon into the world, as they release their umpteenth collaboration, Wallop. If you’ve been following their movements over the last few weeks, you will have heard tracks like Mayhem, which show that the creative partners are embracing some of Pete’s other areas of expertise – namely old skool hardcore and DnB.

Continue reading “Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: Wallop (Stream)”

Chimpo: 1996

More fresh sounds from Manchester, but with a look back to the past, as Chimpo takes us on a trip down memory lane on his new track, 1996. A big jump-up beat, some dreamy vocals on the hook and Chimpo’s ever-distinctive flows, took me straight back to those halcyon jungle days. It’s so true to the original sounds from back then, you could slip into a Brockie set from One Nation and no one could tell the difference. Great video from Tarnish Vision too. 1996 is available to download now via Box N Lock.

Dabbla: Interview


Dabbla is an MC who has been on the rap radar for a long time now, thanks to his work with various musical dons and crews over the years. He has recently signed to High Focus and is due to release his debut solo album, Year of the Monkey, in September. I got to have a quick catch up with him recently and here’s what went down. Continue reading “Dabbla: Interview”

Baileys Brown ft. Marie Lister: Strangers

Big beat from that Bristol badman Baileys Brown, as he releases the first single from his forthcoming Techknowledge album. Strangers features the ever brilliant Marie Lister and is the latest release from the Daily Operations label. Stepping away from his hip hop work, this is glitchy electro funk at its best. More news on the album soon.