Jester Jacobs: HAM

Rap is a genre where more often than not the artists involved take themselves way too seriously. That is fine if you want to spend your life screw facing and looking unamused in photos, but for a lot of us the only way to get through this shit storm is to be able to have a laugh at your own expense. Continue reading “Jester Jacobs: HAM”

Moose Funk Squad “Haunted Hoose”

Got a lot of time for this. Moose Funk Squad is a new rap group from South of the river, comprised of Granville Sessions MCs, Luca Brazi, Archetype and Mnsr Frites, alongside Jester Jacobs and Fourny P. Haunted Hoose is produced by P739 and the video was filmed by Idiot Village. Continue reading “Moose Funk Squad “Haunted Hoose””