Jason Griff & Alaska: Human Zoo (Stream)

Pleased to see the arrival of the new album from Jason Griff and Alaska, as they take us inside the Human Zoo. Being a cynical man (realist?) with a penchant for the dystopian, this album is right up my street. It also helps that Alaska is still rapping his ass off, however many years it is after I first heard him on the mic, and Griff keeps that same energy maintained throughout his production with ease. A nice selection of features too, including Fatboi Sharif, Scorcese and Love, Ulysses. Listen below, then head to Bandcamp to cop a physical and/or a throw pillow.

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Jason Griff & Alaska ft. Love, Ulysses: Animal Farm

New music on the horizon from Jason Griff and Alaska, as they ready us for the arrival of Human Zoo. All clues point to a distinctly dystopian vibe to the proceedings, including the first single from the album, Animal Farm. The full project is due for release on 3 September, but for now you can get a feel for what’s in store with this Love, Ulysses assisted joint. Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp.

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