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Jam Baxter recently released a new video for one of the two Lee Scott featured tracks on his Mansion 38 album. Titanic 2 is produced by Chemo and the album is available to buy now over at the High Focus store.


I got a message from Lee Scott a few nights ago, asking if I would like an exclusive preview of his new tape only project. He told me it was weird, really weird. I said I was definitely down. He sent me the audio and I pressed play, not really grasping how weird he meant. Read the rest of this entry »

Here is the next audio leak from Jam Baxter’s Mansion 38 album. Wristband is again produced by Chemo and contains a sample of the man himself singing, which was recently used on Feel from Kendrick’s new album.

One of my favourite tracks from Jam Baxter’s latest opus has got its own video. Shot on location in his Mansion 38 apartment in Bangkok, Bulletproof was filmed by Lee Scott – apparently in 15 minutes. Looks like a crazy time. The album is out now on High Focus, featuring excellent production from Chemo.

Check out the next offering from Jam Baxter’s latest album, which has further established him as one of the nation’s most innovative MCs. And with good reason. It’s always going to be hard to follow an album that was lauded as much as So We Ate Them Whole, but he and Chemo have managed to pull it off. Read the rest of this entry »

Jam Baxter released his new album on Friday, the follow-up to the stunning …So We Ate Them Whole. Produced again in its entirety by everyone’s favourite emigrated producer, Chemo, Mansion 38 is a weird and wonderful journey into the mind of one of the UK’s most innovative MCs. Souffle is the opening track from the album and sets the bar high for what is to follow. Mansion 38 is available to by now over at the High Focus store.

New video from the new Jam Baxter album, which is out next month on High Focus. Once again produced by the now fully emigrated Chemo and featuring some wonderfully niche samples, For A Limited Time Only takes a Baxteresque look at the world of advertising.

Check out the next instalment from the hugely anticipated follow up album from Jam Baxter and Chemo. Mansion 38 looks set to be a super dope sequel to …So We Ate Them Whole, as this new joint featuring Lee Scott & Trellion continues to demonstrate. Pre-orders for the LP are available from the HF store.


Short but sweet bonus track from Jam Baxter and Chemo, that didn’t make the cut for …So We Ate Them Whole in 2013. Something to savour while we wait for the follow-up. It’s on a free download too, just follow the link on the player below and click ‘buy’. Bonus: the album title for Freshly Skeletal was taken from a bar in the first verse. Read the rest of this entry »

The second sliver of one of the most anticipated albums of recent times made its appearance yesterday, as Jam Baxter released a video for Teeth Marks.
The track is taken from his forthcoming follow up to So We Ate Them Whole… and is another collaboration with Chemo. This video is a little bit special in itself as it’s made in karaoke style, giving listeners a real insight into the rhyming structure of one of the best lyricists in the UK right now. Read the rest of this entry »