Booda French ft. Jehst: Championship Rings

Regular visitors to my blog might have noticed a lack of new content over recent weeks. Life unfortunately does have a habit of getting in the way, but it can’t keep a good blogger down for long, so consider this the first of a few fresh updates.
What better way to reignite the feed, than with the latest from friend of the blog, Booda French. Booda has been dropping sporadic gems over the last couple of years, but now he returns with a definite release on the horizon, in the form of his new LP, The Loser’s Victory Lap. Championship Rings is the latest leak from the album and sees the Ipswich vet teaming up with Jehst, over some nice production from Jaisu.
Booda and Jaisu previously collaborated on Fortune Cookies, which also features on a new 7″ vinyl release, alongside Championship Rings. The vinyl is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp, with the album set to follow shortly. Check below for the full track and keep an eye open for more news on the album coming soon.

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Jehst: 420 Every Day

Jehst keeps the loosies coming, as he releases a new single in honour of the day’s festivities. 420 Every Day is a thinking man’s weed anthem, aided in its appeal by some punchy horns-laced production from north of the border’s finest. Jaisu. You can stream the track below, with downloads up on the YNR Bandcamp. Continue reading “Jehst: 420 Every Day”

Booda French: Fortune Cookies

Another tight single from Booda French, as he keeps the pace going after his last release at the start of the month. For Fortune Cookies, the Ipswich MC has roped in Jaisu for production duties, leading to a soul-tinged but drum heavy number, with Booda delivering solid bar after solid bar. Releases from Booda have been intermittent over the last couple of years, but I’m hoping that these two recent singles are a sign he’s got something bigger en route, because he remains one of the better lyricists to reside on these shores.

Jaisu: Disco Mixto

Yet another stellar beat tape from Jaisu, his third of the year so far. It’s packed full of heavy drums, melodic loops and great track names, like Man’s Not Sharif and It’s a Sign ur a Weirdo. 10 little gems and it’s only a fiver. Get stuck in, I say. You can stream Disco Mixto below and downloads are available here. Continue reading “Jaisu: Disco Mixto”

Jaisu: H.A.S.H Vol. 1

Nice little beat selection from Edinburgh producer, Jaisu, who kicks off the new year with 10 sample based delights on H.A.S.H Vol. 1. It’s been a little while since we heard a full project from him, so I was glad to see this pop up in my newsfeed. You can stream the project below and you can download it now over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Jaisu: H.A.S.H Vol. 1”