Sleep Sinatra: In God’s Image (Stream)

In God’s Image is the latest album from Sleep Sinatra, which emerged at the tail end of last year. If you’ve checked my previous posts surrounding Sleep, then you will already know the man is a proficient MC and this is more than evident on this latest escapade. Strong features and production picks help to keep the energy levels raised, thanks to contributions from the likes of J Scienide, DØØf, Stu Bangas, BrainOrchestra, Big Flowers and Messiah Musik. You can explore the full release below and then head over to Bandcamp to grab yourself a download.

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Kev Brown & J Scienide: Drum Machine Tape Cassette

The full release of the latest collaboration between Kev Brown and J Scienide is now upon us, and as you would expect from two artists of their calibre, it’s a highly accomplished album which is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of rap fans. The production is a shared affair across the whole project, with the beats ranging widely into various different areas, while always complimenting both artists’ distinct lyrical approach. Drum Machine Tape Cassette is out now, with a bonus track available on the digital download. Vinyl is on the way as well and in the meantime you can hear the full thing below. Continue reading “Kev Brown & J Scienide: Drum Machine Tape Cassette”

Kev Brown x J Scienide: Buck Rogers

New cut from Kev Brown and J Scienide, as they gear up to release their upcoming Drum Machine Tape Cassette album. Buck Rogers is a prime example of the sort of levels these two reach when they put their minds together, further building on the success of their earlier joint ventures. The cuts were provided by DJ Jon Doe. You can hear the track below and the album is set for release on 2 August. Continue reading “Kev Brown x J Scienide: Buck Rogers”

Bozack Morris & J Scienide: Sunday Morning

Toronto and Washington connect on the new track from producer, Bozack Morris and gingerslim regular, J Scienide. Sunday Morning is the latest glimpse we have been given at what their forthcoming EP has to offer, with the full project following shortly on Official Crate Music Records. You can stream Sunday Morning below and downloads are available from Bandcamp. Continue reading “Bozack Morris & J Scienide: Sunday Morning”

Grime Lords ft. J Scienide & Jay Royale: Power Refinement

Hip hop duo Grime Lords – aka Born Unique and Pete Twist – recently released their Wimbledon Dons project, which is packed full of gems, including this joint featuring Jay Royale and GingerSlim favourite, J Scienide. Wimbledon Dons is out now on digital download, with a limited run of CDs and vinyl also available.

Jamil Honesty x J Scienide x Hobgoblin: Blockah

Maryland MC, Jamil Honesty, drops off the first single from his upcoming project alongside UK producer, Hobgoblin. The pair are in good company, as J Scienide steps into the booth for Blockah, which you can stream below. Be on the lookout for the album, Martyr Musik, coming soon. Continue reading “Jamil Honesty x J Scienide x Hobgoblin: Blockah”

J Scienide & Bozack Morris: Capeesh

J Scienide first properly came onto my radar when he released The Actual Heat LP in April last year. The album received a lot of acclaim in various end of year round-ups and rightly so, with Scienide being joined by the likes of Kev Brown and Gensu Dean, to help create a solid project that I’ve been revisiting ever since. Now the Washington-based MC is back with a new release, this time alongside Bozack Morris – the producer and Griselda affiliate – and the pair have cooked up the Popular Mechanics EP. Capeesh is the first track to be taken from the EP and sets the bar high for what’s to follow. The video was made by Mercenary Productions.

DBA ft. Conway, Planet Asia, & J Scienide: Hollow Tips

Producer DBA should be a name known to rap fans, as he has been putting in work since the late 80s and earning a lot of clout in the process. It is that clout that has helped him enlist features from some of the hardest MCs in rap right now and if you needed proof, this new track is a exhibit A. Continue reading “DBA ft. Conway, Planet Asia, & J Scienide: Hollow Tips”

J Scienide: The Actual Heat

Very pleased to see the release of this album from J Scienide and even more pleased it doesn’t disappoint on the levels of dope I was hoping for. The Washington based MC has teased us with a couple of tasters, including the excellent Ghetto featuring Kev Brown, which I posted a while ago. Continue reading “J Scienide: The Actual Heat”