J-Live: Lose No Time (Stream)

The latest project from J-Live saw its full release yesterday, with the New York veteran living up to his Triple Threat moniker once again, as he was responsible for writing, producing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering every track. Lose No Time is available to stream below and downloads are available via Bandcamp, with full instrumental versions of the tracks included. Continue reading “J-Live: Lose No Time (Stream)”

Gensu Dean: RAW


Gensu Dean has a new album on the way and it looks like it’s going to be another classic from the Austin based producer. Features come from the likes of J-Live, Red Pill and Roc Marci, as well as Diamond D and Homeboy Sandman, who are on the two tracks that were leaked yesterday. Check them out below and get your pre-orders in over at Bandcamp. The album, RAW, is due for release on 25 November. Continue reading “Gensu Dean: RAW”


J Live

You have been pretty vocal about the bad experiences you had with the labels, when you were trying to release “The Best Part”. What advice can you give to those people who are starting out now?

Basically, if a label is going to treat you like an indy artist, or not invest in your project, you might as well do it yourself. Scared money don’t make none.

How close were you to giving up, after those five years of label troubles?

Nowhere near close. I was young and just finishing school; I was playing with house money. I built my rep up in those years to become the man I am today. Continue reading “J-LIVE INTERVIEW”