AKAI SOLO: Demonslayer + LP Stream

Backwoodz Studioz promised us a bountiful year at the start of 2022 and that’s exactly what they have delivered, culminating (possibly?) with the release of AKAI SOLO’s debut album on the label. SOLO has been steadily building a reputation as one of the foremost artists of the era, thanks to a string of solo records and collaborations that have emerged over the last few years.
His latest, Spirit Roaming, is the direct evolution of that ascent as he officially joins the ranks of a label that perfectly matches his own trajectory. There are many familiar names among the production credits, with August Fanon, Roper Williams, Theravada and Messiah Musik among the sonic craftsmen who have all lent their skills to the record, helping to create what is arguably the Brooklyn MC’s strongest work to date.
The first video from the album was released in conjunction with the main drop and features production from regular collaborator, iblss, who has been behind a few of my favourite beats over the span of SOLO’s career. You can check the video out above, with a preview of the full album available below. Check out Bandcamp to fulfil your digital and physical wish list.

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AKAI SOLO: Color of Conquerors

I’ve been a bit slower of late with highlighting artists you should be checking for, and AKAI SOLO is definitely not the newest kid on the block, but he is someone you should all be listening to right now. His latest video, for the track Color of Conquerors, is pretty much all you need to hear for that statement to be true, with further inspection of the album it’s lifted from being the evidence that solidifies the claim. He’s part of the sprawling network of NY rappers who have been edging closer and closer to each other over the last few years, as documented in Okayplayer’s recent piece, which features an interview with AKAI SOLO, in which he provides more insight into the burgeoning scene in the city. Colors of Conquerors is produced by iblss and is taken from Ride Alone, Fly Together.