Final Boss vs. Harry The Bastard: Low & Behold

The enigmatic production force known only as Final Boss returns with the next wave of his assault on the UK rap scene. This time he takes on the lyrical might of Harry the Bastard of LDZ fame. You can cop a download now over at the Potent Funk store. The video was made by Vid3t and Liquid Odds.

LDZ: Daddy

The bank holiday weekend saw the arrival of a wealth of new music, which I’m going to attempt to bring to your attention today – while nursing a hideous four day accumulative megahangover. First up the latest from the LDZ gang, as they deliver Daddy. This time round it’s Harry The Bastard on a solo mic venture, ably backed up by sounds of Wayne Ross. The track is out now on Potent Funk and keep your eyes peeled for a new album from the Zoo coming very soon.