Klim Beats: Crystals (Promo Mix)

Village Live are preparing to release their first record of 2019, in the form of Klim Beats and his Crystals LP. More instrumental delights from the Ukrainian producer, as he follows up his 2018 stunner, Natural. Below you can find a nice little promo mix from Hans Scratch, which will give you a bit more insight into what the project has in store. Pre-orders for the album went live on Monday, with the vinyl available in black and purple (as above). The official release date is set for 11 January. Continue reading “Klim Beats: Crystals (Promo Mix)”

Klim Beats: Natural (Promo Mix by Hans Scratch)

First two weeks of the new year and Village Live are already releasing their first record, following on from a very successful run of dope projects last year, including Ded Tebiase’s Landspeed LP and Gas-Lab’s Fusion LP.
This time round we have a producer named Klim Beats, who hails from the Ukraine and is a purveyor of high calibre, dusty drum breaks and loops. Natural is the name of the album and the pre-orders went live last night, with the limited run of red vinyl selling out almost instantly. Continue reading “Klim Beats: Natural (Promo Mix by Hans Scratch)”