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Another banger from Sylla B, as he brings his rapid fire flows to a rugged head-nodder from Just Sayin. Great video from Nikko Hunt too. The track is lifted from Sylla’s forthcoming Anxious Bravado project, which looks set to be pretty special. Coming to VRBL Records soon.


Happy to see the second single from PENGSHUi get its release. The punk/grime hybrid three-piece look set to make a lot of waves this festival season and beyond, as they bring their unique sound to the stage. This follows on from their debut gig in a more intimate London setting, which went down very well by all accounts. Looking forward to what follows. You can stream Don’t Like Me below and it’s also available on all the other usual platforms. Read the rest of this entry »

Reggae and punk sounded nothing alike, but found common ground in their anti-establishment themes. Bob Marley in particular found an affinity with the movement when he relocated to the UK, hence the song Punky Reggae Party on Exodus.
Same goes for grime and punk. The anti-establishment sentiment is prevalent once again and also the energy levels reach similar heights in both genres. That’s why I’m happy to see Pengshui come to life cos they are going to show us how those two worlds can unite & make some joyous mayhem. Read the rest of this entry »

Shay D getting rowdy on her latest track, which surfaced last week. Spit For Me is pushing into grime territory, with Shay D raining fire on an absolute banger from Nutty P. The video was made by Chiba Visuals.

It’s been cold as fuck for too long now, but a saving grace is that it is inspiring new music (maybe). Take Nebraska, the new joint from Milkavelli, Black Josh and Lee Scott. Produced by Levelz own, Biome, the track is the best sort of filth, right from the opening bar. The opening shot says it’s Milk & Josh featuring Lee, so maybe that means we’re going to get a proper project from the two of them. The video was made by AboveGround.

More hard bars from rising grime star, Sylla B, as he links up with Ether for Grime 07. A concept track of sorts, it mentions a number of things that have happened within the genre since 2007, which is when Sylla first got into grime and how it’s come to shape his personality along the way. You can stream the track below, with other download/streaming options available here. Read the rest of this entry »

New heat from Jay0117, as he gets busy on some stripped down production from fellow Bristol dweller, Sir Hiss. The beat is a lot slower than you’re probably used to hearing Jay body, but he still smacks it with ease. The video was shot on a recent trip to Red Bull Studios.

Unless you have been living on another planet, you will have probably heard the fanfare in the run-up to Ocean Wisdom’s second album, Wizville. Having scored such a huge hit with his first venture in 2016, the bar was set high for his sophomore release. When the tracklist was released a few weeks ago, the names involved made it seem like that bar was going to be easily reached, thanks to features from the likes of Rodney P, Chester P, Dizzee Rascal and Method Man.

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Typical blitzkrieg bars from rising star, Sylla B, as he links up with Yanaku for Cold. The title says it all really. The video was made by Nikko Hunt.

The Beggars are back with a ridiculous line-up for the VIP remix of their recent banger, Toast. When the original emerged from the ether, we were treated to a lesson in blitzkrieg bars from Izzie Gibbs and Dizmack, as they smashed the Alix Perez co-produced beat to smithereens. But if you thought that was a lot, wait until you press play on this madness. Sparkz, Truthos, Physiks, Illaman, Mad Hed City, Killa P, Marger and Jumanji all jump on and in the process create an early contender for posse cut of the year. BANG.