Aver: An Ode To Joey Deez (Stream)

For those of you unaware, Joey Deez was one of the co-founders of Village Live Records, alongside Doug Barclay (Remulak). He sadly passed away a few months back, which brought a lot of sorrow to the many people within the scene who were glad to call him a friend. As well as being a hip hop fiend and vinyl junkie, Joey was also a staple part of the Brighton skate and graff scenes, and so when his death was announced, the streets were inundated with tributes. Now Aver is back with his own tribute, an album he has made which draws on a lot of the inane conversations the two of them had over the years, and some of the newly discovered breaks they would send to each other. There are also bits of new music which Aver was working on during lockdown, with fellow Village Live affiliate, Doron Segal. It serves as both a personal memorial for those who knew Joey, as well as an introduction to those who might not have had the pleasure of making his acquaintance over the years. You can listen to the album in all its glory below, and then head to Bandcamp to check out details of the vinyl release, which includes images of the AROE tribute (as above), plus a huge piece that was painted at Brighton’s legendary Black Rock. All proceeds from the vinyl sale will be going to Joey’s family.

Fliptrix: Powerizm

New music from Fliptrix, as he returns with the lead single from his forthcoming album. Powerizm is the first solo material we’ve heard from the High Focus founder since his 2018 album, INEXHALE, with the track standing as a testament to the great, POW, the legendary London graff writer who sadly passed away last year. Powerizm is produced by Yabu and the video was made by This & That Media. The track is available to stream now in all the usual places, and pre-orders for the 7″ vinyl edition are also available.

Tilt’s Hotel Makeover


Graff writer Tilt recently got the chance to grace the walls of a Marseilles hotel room with his signature tags and throw ups. To make the effect even more intense, he has literally split the room down the middle, leaving half of it in brilliant white, from the walls to the bed. The result, as you can see, is pretty amazing. The hotel, Au Vieux Panier, is bringing in a selection of well respected artists on rotation, to makeover the rooms, so keep your eyes peeled for more brilliance. Check out some more images below the cut Continue reading “Tilt’s Hotel Makeover”


Me: For those unfamiliar with you and your background, how did you first get into painting and the Bristol scene in particular?

Vermin: Graffiti was bought to my attention at the age of nine when seeing a piece saying ‘hip hop‘, on the back of some garages locally. As well as doing other things at that age there was an instant attraction to graffiti. It was something I had subconsciously carried with me until the age of 13 when in 1986 I first picked up a can. To be fair it took a few years to gain can control; tagging wasn’t a problem but by this time, living in a small town, influences were few and far between so it was a case of developing style on my own. It wasn’t until the early 90s a few of us would venture into Bristol to paint walls, it just seemed the right thing to do now having a certain amount of can control. Bristol had had a thriving scene in the late 80s but the infamous Operation Anderson graffiti crackdown messed it up. We would venture in and start where that era had finished. Continue reading “VERMIN INTERVIEW”



This awesome piece that has recently appeared on Stokes Croft in Bristol – from Vermin, Kid Zoo & Remo – highlights one of the things I am going to miss most about my hometown. Virtually all areas of the UK have been blessed by the can in some way these days and some outsiders could be forgiven for thinking that the graff scene was being commercialised, what with the current media penchant for all things Banksy. Luckily that is about as far from the truth as OJ‘s alibis and anyone who lives in Bristol can testify to that. Continue reading “NEVER BETTER”



“Children Of The Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti” documents the Bristol graffiti story from the early days of 3D’s New York-inspired work and John Nation’s grass roots influence at the Barton Hill Youth Club in Bristol, to the current crop of artists who have helped to make Bristol’s graffiti scene one of the UK’s most influential and diverse.

Children Of The Can” features the work of all the city’s best-known and (until now) slept-on talent, including:

2Keen, 3D, Awkward, Banksy, Cheo, China Mike, Filthy Luker, Haka, Inkie, Jeff Row, Jody, Just Another Crew, Kato, KTF, Lokey, Mr.Jago, Mudwig, Nick Walker, Rowdy, Shimz, Sickboy, Soker, Souls On Fire, TNP, TUB, Turoe, Twentieth Century Frescoes, What Collective, Will Barras, The Z-Boys and many more… Continue reading “FELIX BRAUN INTERVIEW”