Juga-Naut & Giallo Point: Eating The Rich

Juga-Naut and Giallo Point keep the visual gems coming, with the release of their latest video. Eating The Rich is a concept we should all get behind, while the video itself takes us back to those childhood moments of awkward swagger aka school picture day. The track is taken from Smoke Filled Room, which is out now.

Juga-Naut & Giallo Point: Remember & Imagine

Sticking with the UK for the time being, Remember & Imagine is the latest single from Juga-Naut and Giallo Point. If you’ve spent any time with any of their music over the years, you will know the levels are high, so when they join forces, it’s almost unfair on us mere mortals. The track is lifted from their sophomore effort, Smoke Filled Room, which is out now.

Juga-Naut & Giallo Point: Smoke Filled Room (Stream)

Following on from the critical acclaim that their first collaboration garnered, today sees the release of the new album from Juga-Naut and Giallo Point. If you heard the titular lead single, then you will know that this is homegrown hip hop of the highest order. In Giallo Point, Juga-Naut has found his beat-making counterpart. They are both artists who hold the culture in a high regard, they both understand the craft and they’re both have an unwavering passion for it. Not to mention the fact that they are both at their top of their game right now. That’s how you pull off a 15 track album with no features and still hold my attention for the duration. Trust me I get bored easily nowadays, so that is a feat in itself. Anyway, you can hear the album for yourself below and then check Bandcamp for the physicals.

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Juga-Naut & Giallo Point: Smoke Filled Room

Next month, Juga-Naut and Giallo Point release their latest album, which is set to rekindle the fire that Back to the Grill Again set ablaze in 2019. Yesterday they teased us with a sample of their new wares, in the form of Smoke Filled Room, accompanied by some cinematic visuals from Juga-Naut and Nick Smith. The full album, also called Smoke Filled Room, is due for release on 5 July.

Da Flyy Hooligan x Giallo Point: Mac n Cheese

Loosies don’t get much better than this new release from Da Flyy Hooligan and Giallo Point. Accurately billed as “exquisitely aggressive” the track is also allegedly the precursor to a full-length project from the two UK artists, so that is something to look forward to. You can stream Mac n Cheese below and I’ll have more news on the album when it materialises. Continue reading “Da Flyy Hooligan x Giallo Point: Mac n Cheese”

Micall Parknsun & Giallo Point: The Magnum Opus

A fresh collab from Giallo Point, as he joins forces with yet another UK legend for his latest project. The Magnum Opus is the brainchild of Giallo and Micall Parknsun, with the duo finding a seemingly perfect synergy in their MC-producer partnership. The features only add to the album’s weight, as we find the likes of Jehst, Smoovth, Da Flyy Hooligan and Sonnyjim all adding their piece to the proceedings. You can stream a couple of tracks below, with downloads available over on Bandcamp. The artwork for the album was created by Emily Catherine.

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Micall Parknsun & Giallo Point: Danger + Album News

Another strong cut lifted off the new album from Micall Parknsun and Giallo Point, which was released on Friday. The full Magnum Opus LP features appearances from a host of UK talent, including Jehst, Juga-Naut and Da Flyy Hooligan. It’s available to download now via Bandcamp. The video for Danger was made by Dfacer.

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Micall Parknsun & Giallo Point: Let It Go

Giallo Point looks set to continue his run of success with UK rap heavyweights this year, as he joins forces with Micall Parknsun for a forthcoming album. Let It Go is the first single and sounds as tight as you would expect from two artists of their calibre. The video was made by Dfacer and the album, Magnum Opus, is due for release shortly.