DRS: Somebody Pray For Us

Image credit to Spilt Cocoa

A moving and necessary piece of music here from DRS, as he voices his emotions about the current situation in America and the centuries long struggle that it is a product of. It’s more important than ever for all of us to voice our support for our black brothers and sisters across the globe, who have faced and continue to face this sort of wanton disregard for their lives every day. We must stand up to injustice in every instance, no matter how big or small; a zero tolerance policy on racist, fascist and other bigoted bullshit is the only correct course of action. Nationwide protest are being held in the UK this weekend, so please attend if you can. Details should be available on Facebook, if you search for ‘Black Lives Matter’ + your location. The image is part of a series taken by Spilt Cocoa, on the night the protests first rose up in Minnesota. Continue reading “DRS: Somebody Pray For Us”