Slim’s Pickings 2022 Pt. 2

Following on from last week’s continued roundup of some of my favourite releases from 2022, I’m back with what I thought was going to be my final selection. The original plan was to cover 30 EPs and albums, but as time has gone on my mind has decided to trigger more musical memories from the year. Add to that the fact that the last breaths of 2022 brought us a few more releases and I realise now that I could easily do a top 40 (shout out to 80’s Sunday evenings on Radio One). So without further ado, here are my next ten choices, and as usual they arrive in no particular order beyond the sequence my memory brought them to the surface. The third and final instalment will follow shortly.

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What’s In A Name? (A Q&A With Galloping Ghosts)

Following on from the crushingly moderate success of my Q&A with Forest DLG, which took place after his name change, I’m now back with another question session with the artist formerly known as Ded Tebiase. The Village Live producer recently announced he was ditching the moniker that had been attached to his work since the beginning, in favour of the arguably improved and definitely more intriguing, Galloping Ghosts. As with the Forest DLG chat, this is not a place for serious journalistic integrity, but more a light-hearted probe into the name change and his feelings regarding supernatural things. When you’re done reading, make sure you go and stake a claim for his new project alongside vocal duo, Horned Hannes, which is out now on Village Live Records.

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