Bullies: いじめっ子 (Stream)

Pleased to see the arrival of the latest musical venture from Detroit rapper and producer, Denmark Vessey, as he unites with DrxQuinnx and Azarias to form Bullies. The album – いじめっ子 (Japanese for ‘bully’) – is out now, with full production from Azarias, who concocts a nice array of beats for Vessey and DrxQuinnx to go to work on. You can stream いじめっ子 in full below, with physicals and downloads available via FXCK RXP. Continue reading “Bullies: いじめっ子 (Stream)”

SmooVth & Giallo Point: Medellin II – Don Fabio (Stream)

Solid follow up to last year’s triumphant collaboration between New York MC, SmooVth and Crate Divizion producer, Giallo Point. Medellin II boasts all the same qualities as its predecessor, with both Giallo and SmooVth on their respective A-games. The features are in abundance too, with the likes of Estee Nack, Hus Kingpin, Roc Marci and CRIMEAPPLE assisting SmooVth with his obliteration of Giallo’s rugged production. You can stream the full project below, with downloads available via FXCK RXP. Continue reading “SmooVth & Giallo Point: Medellin II – Don Fabio (Stream)”

Chris Crack: Being Woke Ain’t Fun (Stream)

Another strong release from Chris Crack emerged last week, as he blessed us with his Being Woke Aint Fun project. The majority of the production comes from August Fanon, but there are also contributions from Cutta, SC and Jimi Windgate. There are a bunch of features too from the likes of Ugly Boy Modeling, 20 Gramz and Chris Spencer. You can stream the album below and downloads are available via FXCK RXP. Continue reading “Chris Crack: Being Woke Ain’t Fun (Stream)”

ANKHLEJOHN: Lordy By Nature (UUV)

Washington state MC, ANKHLEJOHN, looks set to make a lot of noise this year, starting with this new project. Lordy By Nature is inspired by the fast-paced culture of UUV, a name derived from the US penal code for unauthorised use of a motor vehicle.
There have been a couple of tracks leaked from the album already, including Ms Jackson which you can stream below. The track is produced by Viles, who shares production duties across the whole project with VHS and Slumlord. Pre-orders are available now via FXCK RXP, with the release date set for 28 February. Continue reading “ANKHLEJOHN: Lordy By Nature (UUV)”