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The long awaited Babylon Dead album is finally given life today and to celebrate the release, JMan and Illinformed have released a brand new video for Empire. Where as previous tracks have put the police in BD’s sights, Empire opens fire on the EDLs and Britain Firsts of this green and pleasant land. The album itself is available to buy now from the RLD store.


Stones Throw long ago transcended the boundaries of being a hip hop label and now their roster boasts an alarming amount of talent, from a wealth of genres and styles. Take their latest signing, singer and violinist, Sudan Archives. The 23 year old Ohio resident is forging her own unique path, in a industry that is increasingly saturated with trite soundalikes and cliched repetitions. She is also self-taught on the violin – which is impressive in itself – having been inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, among other musicians. Her first single is a sublime number and gives you a first class idea of what she is all about. Haunting self-harmonies and glitchy electro backing, all laced with her fiddle and all produced by her as well. Sudan has an EP due out next month, so watch out for more news on that coming soon. Read the rest of this entry »


The inimitable Bellatrix is finally putting together her first EP after years of wowing crowds with her lives shows and collaborations. If you have yet to see her perform, she basically fuses her skills as a beatboxer and double-bassist, to create the most amazing soundscapes. Read the rest of this entry »

Exciting developments stateside, as BROOKZILL! emerge from the musical ether of Brooklyn and Brazil. Comprised of Prince Paul, Ladybug Mecca, Rodrigo Brandão and Don Newkirk, the quartet are described as the sonic link between New York and Brazil, fusing hip hop’s future with its past. Read the rest of this entry »

A new new not old video from the excellent new album from BADBADNOTGOOD, which arrived back in July. Chompy’s Paradise is indicative of the album’s varied sounds and flavours, with lazy jazz horns taking centre stage. IV is out now on Beat Records.

This great new project from the legendary UK producer and remix don, Funky DL just got released. Returning to his usual haunt of jazz infused brilliance, The Jazz Lounge is full of remixes of already established Funky DL tracks, like Ode To Nujabes and Out of Touch. Read the rest of this entry »

Got a promo for this track sent to me today and I am posting it cos I am intrigued more than anything else. Hard to categorise, thought it was an instrumental until some slow vocals came in. The video is also strange, but strange is often good and I think this works, although I’m not sure what it works as. Read the rest of this entry »