Frankie Teardrop: Street Soda (Stream)

Street Soda is the latest release from Frankie Teardop, or as he maybe more familiar to some of you – GhostTown. Having found a place in many of our hearts with his production as part of Dead Players, as well as other projects like the Laminated Cakes album from Baxter and Ed Scissor, fans have been fiendin’ for something new from Frankie for a while. Now our prayers are answered, as he returns from something of a hiatus with Street Soda. The album is the result of Frankie’s arrival at a new label, which has allowed him to pursue his dream of making a producer album/beat tape, a dream that he has long wanted the chance to make a reality. A couple of the tracks on the album are from his stash, but for the most part this is a fresh batch of beats that mark a departure of sorts from the UK hip hop sounds he’s perhaps best known for on the scene. I spoke to Frankie about the project and he told me that the aim was to make an album featuring the sort of music that he’s been producing for years, but has never really had the means to showcase before. He said the influences on the sound came from US producers like Timbaland and Pharrell, alongside the garage and grime scenes from a little bit closer to home. And that’s exactly what he’s managed to achieve with Street Soda, an album that draws on cross-genre inspirations which come together in a triumphant blend that never seem like strange bedfellows in spite of their varying influences. You can hear the album for yourself in full below. Continue reading “Frankie Teardrop: Street Soda (Stream)”