Final Boss vs. Harry The Bastard: Low & Behold

The enigmatic production force known only as Final Boss returns with the next wave of his assault on the UK rap scene. This time he takes on the lyrical might of Harry the Bastard of LDZ fame. You can cop a download now over at the Potent Funk store. The video was made by Vid3t and Liquid Odds.

Final Boss vs Alpha Centauri ft. Aynzli Jones: Renegade

The Potent Funk family keep us guessing with their latest member, the enigmatic Final Boss. Big drums lay the foundation for a driving rhythm, laced with some fine flows from Alpha Centauri aka Aynzli Jones. Jones is an artist who fuses elements of reggae, funk and rap to such a high calibre that he has already collaborated with the likes of Kool Keith, Ghetts and Congo Natty. As for the main player, there is not much more I can tell you other than his name and the fact that he seems a pretty formidable foe, so I guess we will have to let the music be his best representation. Stay tuned for more coming soon.