Lyza Jane ft. Lee Scott: Indigo

Start your week off the right way with the latest single from Blah vocalist, Lyza Jane. Indigo is the perfect vehicle for her soft touch vocals, thanks in part to Lee Scott’s production, who also drops in his own contribution on the mic. The single is the first single from Lyza’s upcoming Housebound album, which features a host of Blah talent including Black Josh and Danny Lover. Pre-orders are available now. Continue reading “Lyza Jane ft. Lee Scott: Indigo”

Flying Lotus ft. David Lynch: Fire Is Coming

Big things on the horizon for Flying Lotus as details of his sixth studio album finally emerge. The producer and sometime horror director last released a solo effort back in 2014 with his You’re Dead album and it was such a success that fans have been thirsting for more ever since. Now that thirst is set to be quenched with a new full-length project, boasting a suitably diverse range of guest features, spread across a vast array of 27 tracks. Continue reading “Flying Lotus ft. David Lynch: Fire Is Coming”

Sonnymoon: Root

Very happy to have discovered the joy of Sonnymoon and their new song, Root. I feel dumb cos they have been around since 2009, by all accounts, but better late than never is always the motto. They are a trio – Dane Orr, J Hoard and Anna Wise – from Brooklyn who make wonderful experimental music, that is hard to categorise other than it strays into the left field and touches on the surreal in places from what I’ve listened to so far. Root is a great song, full of harmonies and a driving tribal-style drum beat and has definitely got me hooked. You can stream it below and you can download it on Bandcamp, where you can also find their older releases. Continue reading “Sonnymoon: Root”

B-Movie Millionaires: Attack Of The 50,000ft SWEG LAWDS from Outerspace

When they first arrived in our lives, the B-Movie Millionaires brought with them a rough and rugged jewel of an EP, that had been created in a kitchen in one night. Now they are back with a another project and they are older, arguably wiser, but guess what? The new album was still made in a kitchen in just one sitting. But don’t take that to mean that this any sort of slapdash, half arsed rap record, laa. This is Lee Scott and Black Josh at their most entertaining, backed up with some great production from Swamp Harbour’s resident producer, Sam Zircon aka Goosewater. Continue reading “B-Movie Millionaires: Attack Of The 50,000ft SWEG LAWDS from Outerspace”

Henry Canyons: La Côte West

Intriguing project from Backwoodz Studioz representative, Henry Canyons.
He recently spent some time in the French Basque town of Biarritz, where he was taking part in an artist residency. The result is this six song EP, which draws on inspiration from the coastal town, all filtered through Canyons’ unique creative vision. Each track is produced by a different producer.
In a similar play to ELUCID’s 2017 Valley of Grace release, the EP is accompanied by a short documentary, which Canyons made as a companion piece. You can stream the EP below, where you can also watch the film and downloads are available via Bandcamp. Continue reading “Henry Canyons: La Côte West”

E L U C I D: Horse Latitude

NY indie favourite, ELUCID, is back at it with another album release, following on from January’s sublime, Valley of Grace. Horse Latitude is an instrumental project, with 11 tracks showcasing ELUCID’s varied soundscapes, ranging from the ethereal to the left-field, all threaded with the same vein of dope. You can stream the album below and downloads are available here. Continue reading “E L U C I D: Horse Latitude”

Kashmere & Bambooman: Egor


Bonafide Magazine premiered the new single from Kashmere and Bambooman yesterday and it is dope. Kashmere’s style has always worked well with more experimental beats (see also: Strange U) and this new SUPERGOD project carries on that tradition. Looking forward to hearing the complete package. Continue reading “Kashmere & Bambooman: Egor”

Gaslamp Killer: Residual Tingles

Ever present in the left field, Gaslamp Killer recently announced a new album and leaked this audio track. The album itself was inspired by GLK almost dying in a car accident a few years back; in fact as the press release stated, the first five minutes of the album were recorded while a bed ridden morphine addled mess. Continue reading “Gaslamp Killer: Residual Tingles”

Third Person Lurkin: The Flotation Devices

One of the more enigmatic artists in UK hip hop, Third Person Lurkin, just dropped a new instrumental project. This is his first release since The Glide by Night LP in 2013, marking a welcome return for the producer who is perhaps best known for his work with cult MCs Trellion and Figment. Continue reading “Third Person Lurkin: The Flotation Devices”