Foreign Beggars ft. Alix Perez, Izzie Gibbs & Dizmack: Toast

One of the UK’s best loved crews recently announced the imminent release of new music and the scene rejoiced. Yesterday we got our first taste, as Complex premiered the brand new single from Foreign Beggars. Continue reading “Foreign Beggars ft. Alix Perez, Izzie Gibbs & Dizmack: Toast”

LDZ & Matta ft. Stig of the Dump “Pressure”

For those of you still in the dark, LDZ & Matta recently dropped a beast of a track, featuring Stig of the Dump. “Pressure” is on a grimy dubstep flex, with Dabbla and Stig banging out those top notch bars. The release date for the single is today and it also marks the first official release from new label on the block, Pressed Records.

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How did the collaboration with The Clinic come about?

I’ve known them all for a very long time and worked with them when I was in different bands, and we all come together for musical therapy sessions. The EP is what came out of some of the best sessions. We’re all still in need of further treatment.

What’s the general reaction to the EP been like?

Wicked. It got EP of the month in MixMag which was well unexpected but a real boost. Its all been positive feedback we’re receiving from people and we’re getting airplay on Radio 1, 1Xtra and the like. Continue reading “NATHAN “FLUTEBOX” LEE INTERVIEW”