ProblemChild “WTF”

This is the next single to be put out by the new old kids on the block, ProblemChild, aka Dubbledge, Dabbla, Sumgii and, as of yesterday, Illaman. Continue reading “ProblemChild “WTF””

ProblemChild “Fully Fledged”

This is the brand new, fresh off the reels video from ProblemChild, aka Dabbla and Dubbledge. Look out for a self-titled album coming very soon on Potent Funk Records, but for now you can dig in to the first helping, “Fully Fledged”. Dabbla’s on a solo tip on this one, over a nice glitchy Sumgii beat. In a word: BIG.

Metabeats ft. Dubbledge “EYESEEYOU”

Got a real treat for you here. The new video from Metabeats and Dubbledge dropped today and I have to say it is pretty phenomenal. The track “Eyeseeyou” provides a breakdown of police profiling and a history of Britain’s racism, told in Dubbledge’s unique style. Continue reading “Metabeats ft. Dubbledge “EYESEEYOU””