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Fresh from the finest purveyors of that hybrid rap shit, comes a special new track and video. Problem Child have called on the mighty Foreign Beggars for What You Want?, with Orifice Vulgatron bringing his inimitable flow to Sumgii’s dirty production. Not only that, but the video features none other than comedian and rap fan, Romesh Ranganathan. The video was made by Slim Yearwood and the track is available to buy now over on the Potent Funk Bandcamp page.


More dope from Tha 4orce, following on from his collaboration with Confucius MC on More To It. A switch up in style and sound as he brings in Dubbledge, who delivers his usual level of lyrical prowess, all finished off with another nicely shot video from Global Faction. You can cop the singles over at Bandcamp now.

Bars everywhere in the latest Brapp HD video, with Problem Child bringing their trademark madness to the screen. Dabbla, Dubbeldge and Illaman go back to back over a strong, stripped back beat from Sumgii.


For the past few years Illaman has been making waves in UK hip hop and beyond, largely thanks to his hype fuelled live shows and his involvement with Problem Child, alongside Dubbledge, Dabbla and Sumgii. I got the chance to speak with him at the UK Beatbox Championships last month and we chatted about his journey from metal to rap, his most memorable moments and the plans for his solo album, among many other things. Read the rest of this entry »

My favourite group of lunatics making music right now, have just graced us with another video from their excellent 730 project. Get involved with Creeper and then head over to the Par Ex Bandcamp to cop the EP.

The freshest cypher from those rap loonies, Problem Child, which literally dropped about an hour ago. Dabbla, Illaman and Dubbledge get suitably rowdy over a dirty mix from Sumgii. Rap hands everywhere. Watch out for more madness coming soon.

Don’t call it a comeback, call it a fucking welcome return for the trio known as Problem Child. They have been threatening to release new material for a while and then things hotted up when they dropped a cypher video recently. They have now released the first official video from their new project, 730, which is due out later in the year on the Par Excellence label. The single is already available to buy over at Bandcamp.

At the other end of the rap scale, we hve a new cypher from those cheeky so-and-sos Problem Child. They’ve been promising us new music for a while and I am assuming this is the start of something beautiful/grimy/dope for the year of our Lord 2016. Watch Dubbledge, Illaman and Dabbla murk the beat like it stole their gran’s pension.


This month sees the release of arguably one of the most anticipated albums of the past several months. Caviar Crackle is the latest brain child from Welsh producer Metabeats and is the perfect showcase for why he is one of the freshest talents at work in recent years. Read the rest of this entry »

Got the latest dose of that glitchy shit from ProblemChild. Dubbledge on the raps. Be good to hear a track with the whole crew soon, including the latest addition, Illaman. Keep an ear out.