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On this day in 1994, an album was released that encapsulated what was known back then as “the Bristol Sound”. Trip hop was in its infancy and I don’t know if the term had even been coined at that stage – even though the main players all hated it when it was – but it existed and it drew on elements of hip hop, funk, dub, even psychedelia.
When Dummy was released I honestly didn’t know what to think of it. I was 14 and already well into hip hop, so there was plenty of stuff within the record that intrigued me, like the scratching on Mysterons or the beats on Strangers and Glory Box. But for the most part I was unsure. I think it probably took another year or so for me to fully appreciate its importance; then as with most things like that, I got obsessed with it. This was pre-internet so all my knowledge came from the liner notes and Geoff Barrow’s interviews. Read the rest of this entry »


Every now and then over the past couple of months, I have been putting up small posts on Instagram about favourite albums of mine. They have proved quite popular and so I thought I would start posting them on here too.

I have been reminding myself of the abundance of good tracks that are on Brand New Second Hand. It was one of the first UK hip hop albums I was obsessed with, after an ex bought it for me back in 2000. Before that I was pretty much only listening to US stuff, but that album changed a lot for me. Roots Manuva put me onto Skitz, who reintroduced me to Rodney Pā€™s music ā€“ having rinsed London Posse for a while a few years earlier ā€“ then from there I got into Low Life and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Read the rest of this entry »

Since the events in Manchester a few weeks ago, the outpourings of love and charity for the city have been inspiring to say the least. Especially with division and hate seeming to be at an all-time high in the UK right now. Up there with the best of them is this new compilation, Manchester With Love.
Featuring over 220 tracks, from Manchester’s musical community, this album does two things – it shows the rich diversity and unity within the various Manchester scenes, plus it also shows that the great city and it’s residents will not be brought down or divided by these horrendous acts. Read the rest of this entry »

Genesis Elijah gifts us a great reworking of Stay Positive by The Streets, in homage to the monumental Original Pirate Material album, which turned 15 this weekend. You can stream it below. Read the rest of this entry »

Telemachus literally just dropped a new video for the B-Side to his previous smasher, “The Sheltering Sky”. This time round we’re on a different vibe, thanks to the vocal talents of Jah Mirikle as he laces another drum fuelled beat from the man formerly known as Chemo. Big video too, thanks to the use of footage from Babylon, that landmark British film from the 80’s.