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Short burst of DnB to propel you into the week ahead, as Dub Phizix and Strategy join forces once again for Calm. The video shows Strategy, among others, looking increasingly beaten up as he remains calm in the face of all the problems the world is experiencing right now. You can watch it above, plus the track is also available to stream and download.

Tasty bit of liquid DnB for your Friday, as Aperio drop their latest single, Days & Nights. The track also features GingerSlim favourite, Maddy, as she continues to spread her vocal excellence far and wide. Days & Nights is also available to stream and download in all the usual places.

Lively DnB collaboration from Caxton Press MC, Amy True, as she unites with one of the leading lights in the UK jazz renaissance, Nubya Garcia, for this Sleepy Time Ghost remix of her track, Changes. The video was made by Global Faction.

DnB producer, Lenzman, reunites with Manchester duo Children of Zeus for a new cut. Rain is lifted from Lenzman’s album, Bobby, which is due for release soon on the Metalheadz label.

Absolute beast of a video from Dirty Dike as he celebrates the release of his latest album. Rex 01 features a whole lot of talented cats, as the Dikestar calls up Inja, Killa P and Foreign Beggars to get busy over a DnB tinted banger from Pete Cannon. It’s one of many gems to be found on Acrylic Snail, Dike’s first proper release in three years and probably my favourite album of his (I’m calling it already). You can experience the album in all its glory below and you can grab a physical over at the High Focus store. Read the rest of this entry »

In a slight departure from my usual musical themes, today I’m sharing the most recent release from drum’n’bass pioneer, DJ Die. Having grown up in one of DnB’s birth places, DJ Die appeared regularly in my early clubbing days, both behind the decks or just attending the same clubs. This new collection goes back to that time, as Die has chosen 12 of his most definitive and influential tracks to remaster. They were all made between 1995-2000, in Bristol’s DnB golden era and helped shape the scene as it stands today. As well as the digital version, there will also be a vinyl run which will feature eight tracks on four records, alongside some previously unseen photographs. You can listen to the digital version in full below, with downloads and vinyl available via Die’s GutterFunk label. Read the rest of this entry »

Inja recently released his debut album on Hospital Records and in short, it is a triumph. It perfectly demonstrates not only his dexterity on the mic, but also the different styles that drum & bass can encompass within its own parameters. Her Room is just one of the gems to be found on the album and is one of a few produced by fellow Hospital resident, Pete Cannon.
Inja said of the track, “When you realise you’re living a lie and the only escape is to completely escape. Exit, run get out, go missing, whatever. Sometimes we all have to lock off the past, live with the memories and fly. Change the locks and don’t turn back.” Blank Pages is out now on all the usual platforms.

Happy to see we are nearing the release date for Inja’s debut on Hospital Records. The first extract was revealed earlier on in the month, with fellow label mate, Pete Cannon, on hand for the production. These two have worked together a lot, both on stage and in the studio, so it’s a given that whenever they emerge from the lab they are going to have something banging for us. This one is just the intro to the album, but manages to pack a hell of a lot of substance into just under two minutes of music. Hold onto your hats when the full album drops on 29 June. Pre-orders are available from the usual spots.

Stepping up the tempo now as Inja and Pete Cannon unite for the blistering No Regrets. Inja – arguably the happiest MC in the UK – recently paved the way for more time to be spent with his famous grin on his face, as he announced he had signed to the indie DnB powerhouse, Hospital Records. No Regrets is his first offering on the label and between him and Mr Cannon, they have made one hell of an introduction. No Regrets is available to download and/or stream here.

More fresh sounds from Manchester, but with a look back to the past, as Chimpo takes us on a trip down memory lane on his new track, 1996. A big jump-up beat, some dreamy vocals on the hook and Chimpo’s ever-distinctive flows, took me straight back to those halcyon jungle days. It’s so true to the original sounds from back then, you could slip into a Brockie set from One Nation and no one could tell the difference. Great video from Tarnish Vision too. 1996 is available to download now via Box N Lock.