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Redundant Ramblings is the new(ish) collaboration between Spitfire and Badhabitz. The duo began work on the project around four years ago, but due to that familiar habit of life getting in the way, it was placed on hold. Until last week where we finally got to see it given life. Confident rhymes and strong production combine nicely to give us seven tracks that definitely warrant your attention. You can stream the EP below and downloads are available over on Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »


Strong new release from Witness MC, who is definitely going to be one of the ones to watch in 2017. Featuring production from the likes of Oozhe, Jmin and Jabbathakut, as well as a guest spot from Brad Slade, as far as debuts go this is how it should be done. Read the rest of this entry »


Very impressive release from Skrabl, as he delivered his new album yesterday. The Emperor’s New Garms is the third album we’ve heard from him and it was always apparent he was a ferocious MC, but that ferocity has been taken up to 11 on this new LP. It is produced by Oozhe, who has been responsible for a lot of quality beats that have emerged over the last few years and his game is as point as ever on this project. Read the rest of this entry »

This was a solid release from back in June that might have passed you by at the time. Hailing from Andover, Broken Poetz are two MCs called D.Know and Mystero, who have been putting music out together for the past few years. Read the rest of this entry »

Dotz is back with a new video, freshly lifted from his Bring the Soul Back EP, which was released last week. Bringing some positive vibes to these trying times, Dotz hooks up with turntable vet DJ JabbaThaKut and producer Elbe Kim, for We Need You To Fight. More on the EP very soon. Downloads available now over at Bandcamp.