DJ Format: Brainstorm

Another album to look forward to is the latest from DJ Format, which includes the most recent single, Brainstorm. It’s a soulful, sample-heavy track that encapsulates all the sucessful elements that have made Format one of the more enduring producers of the last 20 years. Devil’s Workshop is due for release on Friday.

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An Ode to Music For The Mature B-Boy

I hadn’t listened to Music for the Mature B-Boy in a minute, but as soon as I put it on earlier today, I remembered exactly why it was in heavy rotation in my house for years after it dropped. It was my first encounter with DJ Format and I think it was sold to me on the J5 feature on We Know Something You Don’t Know, but that turned out to be just one of the high points. Continue reading “An Ode to Music For The Mature B-Boy”

DJ Format & Abdominal: We’re Back

Another great track from the recent DJ Format and Abdominal album, as they deliver a brilliant conceptual video for We’re Back. Filmed in one continuous shot, the video sees an aged Abdominal wind his way through a big party scene where he is very much the main man, despite his decrepit ways. Huge echoes of the cover art for Music For The Mature B-Boy, the album which first put me onto the due many moons ago. There is a 45 of the single available now, B/W the previously released, Diamond Hammer. You can find it here. The video was made by Ludo Jaccard and Imajack.

DJ Format & Abdominal: Behind the Scenes

DJ Format and Abdominal have been making excellent music together since the arrival of Format’s 2003 album, Music for the Mature B-Boy. Their energy on way is mirrored by the energy at their live shows, where I have personally witnessed Abdominal drop a 16 on helium.
Now the pair are back with a new album and this new video. Behind the Scenes is a look at the other aspects of rap life outside of rapping itself, all conveyed with Abs’ usual brand of comedic wordplay. The album Still Hungry is due out on 28 April, with pre-orders available here. There is also a UK tour coming, so keep an eye out for them rolling through your area.