Elliot Fresh & Fish: Mirrors

coverThe highly anticipated album from Elliot Fresh and Fish finally arrived earlier in the month and unsurprisingly, it was very much worth the wait. Sadly Fish passed away before the album was released, but that loss turned this into more than just another UK hip hop album. What it is, is 11 tracks from two artists who found a perfect union when they first began recording together back in 2013. Continue reading “Elliot Fresh & Fish: Mirrors”

Red Pill: Instinctive Drowning

Ever since I first heard Red Pill, his lyrics have had a way of tapping into my psyche and sometimes they cut so close to the bone it was like he was reading notes from my therapy sessions from 10 years ago. None of it as close however, as the latest single and title track from his new album, Instinctive Drowning. Continue reading “Red Pill: Instinctive Drowning”