Juga-Naut & Micall Parknsun: Twelve Bricks

Another solid offering from Juga-Naut, as he reconnects with Micall Parknsun for Twelve Bricks. The success of their earlier Six Bricks EP prompted the duo to return to the lab and record a full-length. And we should all be thankful they did. Jugz has been sitting comfortably among the upper echelons of UK hip hop for a while now, so his partnership with a veteran as consistent as Parky makes a lot of sense, even more so when you hear the finished product. A nice variation in the beat selection helps to keep things interesting, especially when you make your way through the album for the umpteenth time in an attempt to collect every jewel that Juga-Naut is dropping. Some decent features too, with his fellow VVV gang stepping up to the plate on GAUDI-GANG, Tommy Nova and Scorz dropping in on The Juice, and Da Flyy Hooligan rounding things off on the album’s closer. You can experience the full thing for yourself below, with physicals also available.

Da Flyy Hooligan x Giallo Point: Mac n Cheese

Loosies don’t get much better than this new release from Da Flyy Hooligan and Giallo Point. Accurately billed as “exquisitely aggressive” the track is also allegedly the precursor to a full-length project from the two UK artists, so that is something to look forward to. You can stream Mac n Cheese below and I’ll have more news on the album when it materialises. Continue reading “Da Flyy Hooligan x Giallo Point: Mac n Cheese”

Da Flyy Hooligan x CRIMEAPPLE x Oh No: FLYYAPPLE

A big transatlantic bars fest here, as Da Flyy Hooligan joins forces with CRIMEAPPLE for this new single. And the collaborations’s strengths don’t end there, as the track is produced by the mighty, Oh No, with cuts from the legendary, Jazz T. It’s a pleasure to see these sorts of partnerships sparking up across the waters and I hope more follow suit. The video was made by Ringz Ov Saturn.

Micall Parknsun & Giallo Point: The Magnum Opus

A fresh collab from Giallo Point, as he joins forces with yet another UK legend for his latest project. The Magnum Opus is the brainchild of Giallo and Micall Parknsun, with the duo finding a seemingly perfect synergy in their MC-producer partnership. The features only add to the album’s weight, as we find the likes of Jehst, Smoovth, Da Flyy Hooligan and Sonnyjim all adding their piece to the proceedings. You can stream a couple of tracks below, with downloads available over on Bandcamp. The artwork for the album was created by Emily Catherine.

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Ray Vendetta ft. Da Flyy Hooligan: GTFOH

New heat from Ray Vendetta, as he prepares us for the arrival of Todayz Day & Age 4. GTFOH is actually one he has dug out of the vault, originally laid down last year in cahoots with his regular sparring partner, Da Flyy Hooligan. The track is produced by Calvert. More news on TDA4 coming soon. Continue reading “Ray Vendetta ft. Da Flyy Hooligan: GTFOH”

Da Fly Hooligan: Londinium Slicc

This month sees the releases of Da Fly Hooligan’s FYLPM II project and Londinium Slicc is the second single to be lifted from it. The track is produced by Camoflauge Monk, who handles some of the production on the album alongside Micall Parknsun, DJ Flash and Ded Tebiase. The video was shot by Ringz Ov Saturn. FYLPM II is due out on 20 March via GourmetDeluxxx.

Magno Garcia x EvillDewer: Monastery Monk Methods (Stream)

Strong new project from Boston MC, Magno Garcia, as he teams up with EvillDewer for Monastery Monk Methods. The album features appearances from Da Flyy Hooligan, Ralphiie Reese, King Author and Blu. I labelled Garcia as one to watch at the start of the year and this type of release is exactly why. You can stream Monastery Monk Methods below and downloads are available over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Magno Garcia x EvillDewer: Monastery Monk Methods (Stream)”

Recognize Ali: The Outlawed

Recognize Ali returns with a new project, following on from his God’s Vision LP back in March. The Outlawed promises to deliver more of the same level of lyricism as its predecessors, if the tasters we’ve been given so far are anything to go by, including the recent Mug Shots track. The beat selection is on point, with the likes of Big Ghost Ltd, Farma Beats, El Ay and Frank Grimes all providing tight contributions. There are also some decent guest spots too, as Ali is joined by Da Flyy Hooligan, Daniel Son and Estee Nack, among others. You can stream a couple of tracks below, but to download the full project or cop one of the physicals, head over to Greenfield Music. Continue reading “Recognize Ali: The Outlawed”

Da Flyy Hooligan: Michelin (Stream)

Fresh batch of dope from Da Flyy Hooligan, as he serves up his Michelin project. Seven tracks with DFH on fine form and some tasty features from Recognise Ali and Keisha Plum. The whole plateau is produced by NCL-TM. You can stream Michelin below and downloads are available via GourmetDeluXXX. Continue reading “Da Flyy Hooligan: Michelin (Stream)”

Ded Tebiase ft. Da Flyy Hooligan: Ferrari Loafers

If you hadn’t already worked it out, Landspeed was one of my favourite albums from 2017. Ded Tebiase completely averted falling foul of the curse of the sophomore project and delivered a fitting follow up to 2016’s Seventy Five. Ferrari Loafers is one of the many highlights from the album and features Da Flyy Hooligan – another UK artist who has had a great year. The video was filmed in the legendary Rarekind Records in Brighton. Landspeed is out now on all the usual platforms.