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Tasty cut from the recent collaboration between Cappo and Cyrus Malachi, as a new video emerges for Aqua Lungi. The track is produced by DJ Drinks and can be found on the Postmodernism LP, which is out now on Village Live. The video was made by Ringz Ov Saturn.

Village Live are finishing off another triumphant year with a collaborative album from two of the UK’s most respected lyricists. Postmodernism will unite Cappo and Cyrus Malachi, alongside production from some more of the scene’s top ranks including Evil Ed, Chemo and Wytfang. Pre-orders went live on Monday, including a limited edition vinyl run. If you want to get an idea of the levels at work here, you can check the promo mix below courtesy of Evil Ed. Read the rest of this entry »

Cyrus Malachi hints at what’s in store from his new project, with this lead single. Black Canvas is produced by Saiid and is lifted from Basquiat, which is available via Bandcamp. You can stream it below. Read the rest of this entry »

Hyped to see new music from 7th Dan doing the rounds, especially when he’s managed to cram seven beast MCs on the track too. Featuring none other than Ray Vendetta, Flowtecs, Tesla’s Ghost, Cyrus Malachi, Cappo, Jonny Data and Cosha Don, Above Unity Device is a heavy bars party from start to finish. Hopefully this is a sign that more music from 7th Dan will be emerging soon. Watch this space.

Triple Darkness and Global Faction link up once again, to bring you the new video from Cyrus Malachi. Pariah, produced by Remulak, is everything you would expect from a TD track in all the right ways.

Huge new video from the Triple Darkness family, Reanimation produced by Bad Company. Read the rest of this entry »