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More solid rhymes from Coosie, as he returns with the second single from his upcoming solo album. The Verbal Highz MC has drafted in fellow Highz member, G00SE, to handle the production on Everything and the video was made by Dfacer. Bobadundee Flows is out on 13 June.

Coosie is set to release his solo album in the not too distant future and today marks the arrival of the first single. State of Zen features fellow Verbal Highz member, G00SE, who also handles the production. The video was made by Dfacer. Bobadundee Flows is due for release on 13 June.

New video from the Verbal Highz gang, filmed during their recent invasion at Nozstock. The track features G00SE, Entra-P and Coosie on the mic, with production coming from Chillman. The video was made by

Verbal Highz representative G00SE recently hooked up with Verb T’s burgeoning label, In The Balance Records and proceeded to release his debut solo project. Living Poets Society provides a perfect snapshot of why the Bristol-based MC has become one to watch, with his brand of frenetic yet calculated wordplay taking centre stage. The album (EP? Thanks Kanye) is produced in its entirety by G00SE, another chance for him to flex his hip hop muscle and conjure up the ideal backdrops for his lyrical acrobatics. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been struggling to write more than a couple of paragraphs for the past few months. Various reasons, too boring or personal to go into now, but it does mean I have failed to shine a light on some decent projects that have been given life in the interim. I wanted to do a bit of a catch up to make amends for my slack attitude and also to bring some thoroughly good music to your attention. Read the rest of this entry »

It was already in the mid-20’s when I rolled down to this year’s High Focus Block Party in Bristol and it was only going to get hotter, given the days running up to the event. Last year’s party had been a smash and this year looked set to at least rival it, if not surpass it. Doors opened at 2pm so I got down there at about 3pm and already had to deal with the huge queue that had formed; a teeming mass of the new generation of UK hip hop fans all fully loyal to the HF brand (and all of whom I’m pretty sure I was old enough to be their dad). Read the rest of this entry »

Verbal Highz released a new video this week, the first single to be taken from their upcoming Halfway to Nothing EP. The Bristol/Hereford based crew hooked up with Sektion Red for the visual. Expect more dope from this lot very soon.