Chris Orrick & The Lasso: I Read That I Was Dead (Stream)

Having already been blessed with one album from Chris Orrick this year, I feel particularly lucky to be able to share another stunning release from the Detroit MC. Departing from the sound of Out To Sea, this time round the Mello Music Group artist has teamed up with label-mate, The Lasso, to create an altogether different album but one which is still very much a Chris Orrick project. I Read That I Was Dead was sparked by Orrick reading about the death of a cryptozoologist who shared his name, which then began a journey into new creative territories. The majority of the album is occupied by the two stars, but there is another MMG related appearance from Quelle Chris, on the previously released single, Specimens. The album can be heard in full below and downloads are available via Bandcamp. Continue reading “Chris Orrick & The Lasso: I Read That I Was Dead (Stream)”

Apollo Brown: Sincerely, Detroit (Stream)

The mammoth new album from Ugly Hero and production don, Apollo Brown, is finally here. For Sincerely, Detroit, Brown has set his sights on the abundance of talent held within the city he calls home. It’s a recipe for success in my eyes, given the amount of artists housed within the city limits and the scope of the styles and flows they encompass between them. From Phat Kat, Royce and Trick Trick to Chris Orrick, Slum Village and Crown Nation, it feels like a pretty definitive tribute to the Detroit scene and Brown’s production is strong enough to make every track land just right. Downloads of Sincerely, Detroit are available via Bandcamp and you can also listen to it in full below.

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Chris Orrick & The Lasso: People

Another sample from the forthcoming Chris Orrick and The Lasso album, as they unveil their second single, People. The Michigan duo are promising a heavily abstract album, which serves as a good reminder of both Orrick’s dexterous approach to writing and The Lasso’s prowess behind the boards. It’s due for full release on 15 November and pre-orders are available over on Bandcamp.

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Chris Orrick & The Lasso: Children of Dirt + Album News

Today, Chris Orrick announced that he has a new album on the way, alongside composer and producer, The Lasso. The two Mello Music Group artists will deliver a 12 track album, that is described as dark, industrial and abstract, which feels like it’s going to be a far cry from Orrick’s earlier 2019 release, Out To Sea. But judging by the first track, it looks likely to be another win for the Detroit rapper. Children of Dirt is available to stream below and I Read That I Was Dead is due for release on 15 November.

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Apollo Brown ft. Black Milk, Ketchphraze & DJ Los: God Help Me

There’s a new album incoming, from the always on point, Apollo Brown. The Detroit Producer is drawing on the multitude of talent contained within his city’s walls, as he drafts over 50 artists into the project. There are contributions from the likes of Slum Village, Chris Orrick, Illa J, Guilty Simpson and Boog Brown. The first single emerged this week and features Black Milk, Ketchphraze and DJ Los. You can stream the track, God Help Me, below and pre-orders are available over on Bandcamp. Sincerely, Detroit is due for release on 29 October via Mello Music Group. Continue reading “Apollo Brown ft. Black Milk, Ketchphraze & DJ Los: God Help Me”

Chris Orrick: Out To Sea (Stream)

A few weeks ago we were treated to the arrival of a new album from one of my favourite artists at work right now. Chris Orrick has always been a very relatable MC for me, thanks to his lyrical, often misanthropic, explorations of working class life, addiction and even grief. He is one of a few artists who can bring me to tears with one song – Instinctive Drowning – and make me laugh with another – Porn & Milk. Out To Sea is the Detroit MC’s latest effort and it is another raw, honest journey inside his mind and his outlook on life. As Mello Music Group said of the album – “If it hurts to listen to this record, it should”. There are shots at the far right, a comment on feeling isolated from society and bursts of his aforementioned comedy, on tracks like Liquor Store Hustle. For me the album is the ideal soundtrack for the current climate in terms of politics, uncertainty and anger, as well as being a fine addition to Orrick’s pretty much flawless back catalogue. Out To Sea is available to stream in full below and you can find downloads over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Chris Orrick: Out To Sea (Stream)”

Chris Orrick: Out To Sea

As previously reported, Chris Orrick has a new album on the way and we were recently treated to our second glimpse of what it holds in store. Out To Sea is the title track from the album, where we hear Chris talking up the idea of escaping the daily grind by heading out to the ocean. The track is produced by SIM and the equally nautical video was made by Jon Webb Out To Sea is available for pre-order now via Mello Music Group, with the official release date set for 24 May.

Chris Orrick: Liquor Store Hustle

I am starting the week off right with a new song from one of my favourite artists. Following on from last year’s excellent Portraits LP, Chris Orrick has returned with a new single, about that all too familiar situation – the off licence run. Liquor Store Hustle is produced by Man@Work and is available to stream below. Continue reading “Chris Orrick: Liquor Store Hustle”

Mister and Curt Cataract: Approaching Land (Stream)

Finally, after 12 years of planning and brewing, the new album from Mister and Curt Cataract has been given life. What began as a series of friendly music related exchanges on MySpace, has now evolved into a fantastic full-length project, stretching across the breadth of the Atlantic. I already shared one of the tracks from the album last month, the excellent title track featuring Hemlock Ernst and I am pleased to confirm that the rest of the album follows in the same vein. As well as the stellar appearance from Ernst, there are also equally strong features from the likes of Chris Orrick, MysDiggi and Oliver Sudden. Cataract’s beats are sublime throughout and in Mister he appears to have found the ideal voice for his production. The album is available to stream in full below and there are plenty of physicals to cop over on Bandcamp, including a vinyl edition.

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Chris Orrick: Self Portrait

Another highly imaginative video from Chris Orrick and his recent Portraits album. This time round it’s the opening track, Self Portrait, which is produced by Nolan the Ninja. The video was made over the course of four months, the majority of which was spent in post-production, as every collage that’s used in the film was handmade and then edited into the footage. The video was directed by Malcolm Critcher and Symeon Platts. Portraits is out now on Mello Music Group.