Scorzayzee: Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne)

There is usually deserved hype when Scorzayzee drops new material and this new project is no exception. Featuring a definite culinary theme, Scorz and his GM Unit wage war on fast food in Gangsta Wraps. You can pre-order the vinyl now, which also includes Equestriansim and the Chester P collaboration, Double Dragon. Orders are available here.

Three Headed Beast: Time to Feast

The end of last month saw the release of the new Three Headed Beast album, which is in my eyes their strongest release yet. It’s been a few years and a few projects since the trio first put out a record together and the work they have put in since then has definitely not gone unnnoticed by both listeners and critics. Continue reading “Three Headed Beast: Time to Feast”

Real Talk Records Fundraising Compilation


UK hip hop legend and all round nice guy, Chester P, is already known for his charitable work among Britain’s homeless and now he has taken the next step in his good deeds by releasing this compilation. Featuring a lot of the UK’s finest talents – as you can see from the cover above – all the proceeds from the release will go towards helping those in dire need, especially at this desperate time of year. Continue reading “Real Talk Records Fundraising Compilation”

Farma G: 08 – 05 – 74 – 21 – 07 – 76

Farma G shared this track a couple of days ago, which he says has been sitting on his hard drive for a long time. Produced by The Purist and titled with his and Chester P’s respective birthdays, this track is a moving account of his upbringing and subsequent years, dealing with things like his relationship with his parents and the birth of his first son, Aaron aka Remus.